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INTERVIEW: Meet Natasha Carol, The Reigning Miss Amboseli-2015. Taking Over Thika Beauty Scene.

After being crowned Miss Amboseli-2015 Natasha and Mr Amboseli strike a pose. Photo|| Courtesy
She came, she modelled, and she definitely conquered. She is Miss Amboseli the beauty who has taken the Thika Modelling scene by storm. Natasha Carol is the reigning Miss Amboseli and possess not only beauty but good brains. She is candid about her experience so far and her expectations so far.

TTT: Who is Natasha Carol

Natasha: I am the reigning Miss Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology-Thika. An Information Communication and Technology student. I am a fashion designer,energetic, a charming lady with a passion for fashion. I enjoy travelling, modelling.

TTT: When did you start modelling and why modelling as opposed to another career?

Natasha:  I started modelling in 2014 I used to model for an agency where we used to do runway shows. I love modelling because of my undying passion for fashion, it has helped me build up on my confidence as well as enable me to network as they say your network is your net worth.

TTT: How did you learn about Mr and Miss Amboseli?

 It’s an annual event in the school calendar, most of my peers have been talking about it throughout the year thus raising my curiosity and desire to participate.

TTT: Is this your first time in a beauty pageant? Do you have previous experiences?

Natasha: No. I have participated in several runway shows, a few years back which were meant to create publicity for a certain speed bike franchise in Kenya.

TTT: Were you stunned when you were crowned Miss Amboseli 2015? Can you describe how you felt at that moment?
My goodness!! I was not expecting it when the Emcee called out my name I almost went numb with excitement. This was a heavily contested and well organized pageant and a very memorable one for that matter.
TTT: As the newly crowned Face of Amboseli what do you plan to do towards changing the community?
Am planning to start an initiative together with my colleague Mr. Amboseli 2015 that will market the school and publicize the various courses offered so as we can work in line with institutions mission and core values. Plans for establishing charity oriented projects are also in the pipeline all I can say is watch this space.
TTT: As a beauty queen tell us who do you look up to in society and why?
Natasha: I look up to my mother she is a fashion designer, I love her because she has always supported me through my ups and downs.
TTT:Three words to describe yourself.
Natasha: Patient,Humble,Calm
TTT: Any advice to the young people and upcoming models?
Natasha: Yes of course, I would love to urge them to do “You” follow your dreams even if they seem weird, you will feel weird but if you persist one day you shall achieve it and do not forget to put God first in everything you do.

To Connect with  Carol Natasha on Social Media like her page on Face Book: Natasha Carol. Instagram Natasha3672

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