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Thika ACK Diocesan Bishop The Right Reverend Julius Njuguna Wanyoike

Thika Diocesan Bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) The Right Reverend Julius Njuguna Wanyoike has asked both the County Government of Kiambu and the leadership of Thika Town Constituency to integrate local professionals into their governing councils.

Speaking at St. John’s Happy Valley Church on Sunday, Bishop Wanyoike said that this would integrate diversity into all of the processes of the local leadership thus improve on service delivery to the people.

“This region has a very rich human resource manpower that if well utilised be of great help to the region and the country. Why can’t you hire independent professionals for their expertise in specific areas of concern?” posed the bishop.

While revisiting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ‘Big Four Pillars’ namely food security, affordable housing, manufacturing and affordable healthcare for all, the prelate said that this could only be achieved if all people are put on board.

He challenged residents especially the professionals to always participate in governance through presenting their input in various programmes.

“As professionals, we need to actively participate in all programmes initiated by our leaders. Come out and say precisely what you really want. Your input is very crucial as it helps to bring into perspective, the professional aspect in governance,” he said.

He also challenged the leaders to come up with programmes that would see the development of centres of excellence across Kiambu County that provided leadership, best practices, research, support and training across disciplines on projects that were locally relevant and internationally competitive.

Present during the summon included Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, Senator Kimani Wamatangi, Speaker of Kiambu Assembly Stephen Ndichu and Thika MP Patrick Wainaina.

Thika MP Patrick Wainaina, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi, Kamenu MCA Raphael Chege, Governor Ferdinand Waititu and Speaker Stephen Ndichu during a church service St. John Happy Valley ACK Church in Landless Estate Thika on Sunday.

A section of Kiambu leaders have urged Kenyans to get down to work and avoid distractions and sideshows geared to keep the country on some endless political mode.

Led by Governor Ferdinand Waititu, Senator Paul Kimani Njoroge (Wamatangi), Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina and Kiambu speaker Stephen Ndichu, the leaders stated that the time for ‘empty politicking’, was over and leaders should embark to doing business they were elected to do.

Speaking on Sunday during the consecration of St. John Happy Valley ACK Church in Landless Estate Thika, they asked Kenyans to abandon the tradition endless politicking, a concept that they said, distracted people from their shared values.

“We shall not allow a section of our leaders to engage the country with negative politics every other day. Kindly let’s ignore unnecessary politicking and help our people to concentrate on development programmes that will uplift their living standards,” said Wamatangi.

Wamatangi instead asked all leaders to prioritise the unity of the people of Kenya and national cohesion.

The Thika legislator on his part warned that identity politics only exhausted political discourse leaving very little space to work on the economy and the common good of the people.

Elections are over. It is time to work. If we will continue engaging in politics, five years will go by without any meaningful development in the region,” said Wainaina.

He warned that continuous engagement of party politics will only serve to derail the development initiative planned for Thika and other areas of Kiambu County.

“Let us not waste time politicking with the leaders who are there now. Let us instead join hands and work with our leaders or else the region risks lagging behind in development while other areas develop,” he said.

Governor Waititu accused the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) of playing double standards when applying the law by being lenient on politicians from the opposition side.

He said that the recent sentiments by his Kitui counterpart Charity Ngilu that led to the torching of two trucks belonging to traders from Kiambu County were grave and a recipe for political and ethnic chaos.

“If I were the one who made those sentiments or were it my brother Moses Kuria (Gatundu South MP), we will be in police cells by now. What is so special with Ngilu? Why the double standards?” asked Waititu.

The governor promised to sue Ngilu in court for incitement to violence leading to the loss of the two lorries.

“Yes, she must be compelled to foot the cost to reimburse the owners of the two lorries,” he added.

Scores of people were left homeless after a fierce fire destroyed several houses in Nairobi's Mathare slum near the BH stage along Juja road on Saturday afternoon.

According to the residents, the inferno is said to have started some minutes past 2pm inferno and spreading so fast across the semi-permanent shanties.

Residents and shop owners tried to salvage what they could before the Nairobi County fire engines arrived to put out the fire.

The fire engines had a difficult time accessing the fire because of the narrow roads in the area. That notwithstanding, the first fire engine to arrive at the scene did not have enough water.

Nairobi county government mobilised six fire engines as the fire extended to more structures.

The cause of the Mlango Kubwa fire is yet to be established.

No casualties have been reported yet.

This fire incident happens barely two weeks after another one left four people dead in another informal settlement opposite Southlands estate in Langata.

One of Kenya's most popular brands of bread - Broadways

The Form 3 student at Muhoho High School in Gatundu South has been sent home for allegedly stealing a loaf of bread from the school dining hall.

Consequently, he was ordered to buy 1000 loaves of bread as punishment upon returning to school. In addition, the deputy principal ordered the student to clear all his pending school fees balance.

Letter from Muhoho High School Deputy Principal suspending a student for “stealing” bread.
In the suspension letter dated 15th Feb. 2018, the student is required to return to school with the 1000 loaves, which, according to the school, is bread enough to feed all the students in the school.

“You are required to return to school the soonest possible at 9am having cleared all the school levies and come with bread for all the students in the school i.e. 1000 loaves,” read part of the letter signed and stamped by the deputy principal.

With bread retailing at an average of Ksh.50, this means the student’s parent or guardian is set to part with approximately Ksh. 50,000.

Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) being reproduced in compost.

For an average Kenyan farmer practicing animal husbandry, life has always been a struggle. Nothing comes easy. The cost of feed has become a daily nightmare especially for the poultry farmers.

However, there is some good news for livestock farmers. A top international research centre in Kenya has been conducting a study on an insect that may change the fortunes of fish and poultry farmers by significantly reducing the cost of feeds.

This study involves the use of larvae of an insect known as Black Soldier Fly (BSF) which would potentially substitute ingredients used as sources of protein and energy in feeds.

The black soldier fly, which resembles a skinny black wasp, is an insect known for its ability in decomposing of organic matter and convert manure and organic feed into nutritional meal for animals.
An adult Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

The adult fly does not sting nor ‘buzz’ and is difficult to notice since it does not fly into houses or where human beings are gathered. It is beneficial in that it acts as a deterrent to the common house fly by exuding a hormone that they don’t like thus significantly reducing their numbers.

The adult Black Soldier Fly doesn’t eat and lives for barely an hour just to reproduce. When the eggs hatch the larvae digest any compostable food scraps or biowaste you feed them.

Hidden treasure.

But it is the larvae stage of the insect is a hidden treasure.

The larva is one of the most promising sources of important nutrients for poultry and fish. The larvae contains up to 42% protein content, 35% fat as well as essential amino acids and minerals. These include methionine, lysine, alanine and are good sources of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals which are essential for growth and egg production in chicken. 

Life Cycle.

The BSF has a short life cycle and this makes the production economical and viable.

The adult female fly lays about 500 eggs per lay. Eggs are laid in dry areas or in decaying organic matter or manure. Decaying matter may include rotting fruits, vegetables or meat scrapes. Manure from cattle, rabbits or poultry can be used too. This means farmers can also use the manure produced from their kukus to produce the larvae.

The eggs hatch into larvae in about four to five days.

Dried Black soldier fly larvae.
The larval stage of the fly digests the organic matter and in two weeks the larvae have reached their maturity where they measure approximately three centimetres in length. Here, the farmers can then immediately harvest and feed to chickens or dry and store the excess larvae to be used as poultry feed in future.

In Kenya, one can get more info about this type of farming from BSFL organics that established the business in 2016. Its director Eric Mbugua has also established his own processing facility in Lower Kabete in Kiambu County, barely 10km from Nairobi’s CBD.

The company produces one tonne per week of the dairy meal which requires 190 kilograms of the black soldier fly larvae (BSFL).

The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) trains farmers on how to rear the BSFL which then Eric buys from the farmers to produce dairy meal for farmers in Kahawa Sukari, Kahawa Wendani and Ruiru.

Acting Director General of the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) Mr. Silas Kinoti.
Efforts to ease traffic congestion in Thika town and especially along the busy Thika-Garissa Highway have received a major boost with the news of the planned construction of a 10-kilometre link road from Eastern Bypass to Greater Eastern Bypass road (GEB).

This road is the latest in a series of projects, either in various stages of tendering, about to start or underway meant to decongest Nairobi city and its satellite towns such as Thika.

Making the announcement, Acting Director General of the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) Mr. Silas Kinoti said that the construction works on the road will start in May and take about two years.

“We have floated a tender for the construction of a 10km link road from Eastern Bypass to the Greater Eastern Bypass road. The tender will be opened next month, awarded in April and we expect the contractor to move on site come May,” said Kinoti.

The proposed GEB is approximately 77 kilometers long and is located within Machakos, Nairobi and Kiambu Counties. The proposed project road starts approximately 1.3 km from Lukenya Junction (A109/D519) which is at a short distance to the south east of A104/109 junction near Athi River town.

This road then progresses eastwards and intersects C98 at Ngundu/Kamulu and thereafter northwards to the Nairobi river turn-off, where it branches, with the West bound limb connecting the existing Eastern Bypass road at Nairobi River Turnoff. 

The continuing limb of the proposed road progresses in a northerly direction to Munyu area, through Juja area (Juja Farm) and then turns and progresses in a north-easterly direction before joining A3 road (Thika-Garissa Highway) near Kilimambogo.

This simply means that people heading to Mombasa of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) from Thika East, Machakos, Kitui and Garissa counties will be branching from Thika-Garissa Highway at the Kilimambogo junction, thus avoiding Thika town altogether.

It is envisaged that development of the Greater Eastern Bypass is a major boost to the area since it will transform the current subsistence agriculture farming into commercially oriented and business like enterprises.

The project road area falls within the Athi River Basin (also coded as Drainage Basin 3) and one of the five major drainage basins in Kenya. There are a number of rivers along the road alignment. The rivers are the semi-perennial Athi River, and the perennial Nairobi, Thiririka, Ndarugu and Komu rivers.

Potential sources of water in the area include Athi River, a semi-perennial river; others are the perennial rivers which include Nairobi, Ruiru, Thiririka, Ndarugu and Komu Rivers.

Right@Home Rehabilitation centre Director Gladys Chania (right) shares a light moment with some street children whom she hosted at the centre.

A Thika-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has embarked on an ambitious programme to rehabilitate and integrate street children into the society.

Speaking at the Right@Home Rehabilitation centre, Director Gladys Chania Mwangi said that they were collaborating with several partners for the re-integration of these children, not only by providing shelter, but also integrating them into school and offering them a way back into society.

“We are partnering with several organisations to reintegrate these street families into the public school system and society at large through de-stigmatising them and impacting skills that they can use to earn a decent living,” said Chania.

She lamented that most programmes undertaken by various players including the government lacked concrete monitoring and gauging of their effectiveness thus the failure to eradicate or minimise the menace in majority of the urban centres in Kenya.

“Majority of the young ones have shown willingness to go back to school if only they are handled in the right way. These children are multi-talented and if these talents are captured and nurtured, it will be very easy for them to be integrated back into the society,” explained Chania.

“We intend to rehabilitate them from where they are by giving them life skills on how they can manage the trauma they have gone through and the issues they have faced in their lives,” she added.

To achieve this goal, Chania says that they have partnered with, among others, the Film Village of Kenya who will offer film and acting lessons to those with a passion for film, Partners for Care who will be training the big ones in fashion and design as well as Amo La Moda, a local youth group that will be training them in hair and beauty, besides professional modelling.

Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) has agreed to host those willing to go through voluntary rehabilitation and offer them a half-day programme that will include both rehabilitation and lessons on life skills acquisition.

Chania reckons that their long-term goal was to rescue and rehabilitate as many children from the streets and empower the poor community in the immediate neighborhood to increase their incomes and provide for their families’ health and well-being.

“We want to provide them with an escape shelter from drugs and the streets. We want to make them more interested in what they are gaining from us and less interested in drugs and the street life,” she concluded.

Thika West DCC Tom Anjere offered to enhance the assimilation into schools of all those of school going age for those willing to go back to school.

“My office will provide school uniforms for all those who agree to go back to class. We promise to work with with any stakeholder who is doing well to the community,” said Anjere.

Alfred Maingi Ndolo, a pastor at Unabii Christian Church charged with defiling two minors in Ngoliba Ward Thika East, was yesterday denied bail by a Thika court with the prosecution calling for more time to complete their investigations.

The 30-year-old pleaded not guilty of defiling and impregnating two school girls. 
Ndolo was accused of defiling and impregnating the minors between March and December in the year 2017 against the sexual offenses number 15 2018.

Attempts by the suspect to be released on bail were opposed by the prosecution.

The state Counsel requested the honourable court to order for DNA samples from the affected in a view to ascertain the paternity of the baby who was delivered by one of the minors on delivered baby produced before the next hearing.

Thika Principal Magistrate Clara Atieno Omondi directed that he be detained for until Monday February 19 when his case will be mentioned.

The 17-year old girl delivered baby boy at Thika Level 5 Hospital on Wednesday through caesarian section.

The two girls who are cousins are said to have been lured into the suspect’s house following the cordial relationship they have had with the family.

The other victim, a 15 year old, is three months pregnant.

Police in Thika East Sub-County have arrested a 30-year old man for allegedly defiling and impregnating two minors.

Alfred Maingi Ndolo, a pastor at Unabii Christian Church, is being detained at Ngoliba Police Station for the offence on the two school going girls at Maguguni village who used to worship in his church.

Among his victims is a 15-year old STD 8 pupil at Maguguni Primary School, who is an orphan following the demise of her mother in 2014.

According to her, the pastor lured her into his house as she was on her way to fetch water from a nearby river while in the company of her cousin.

She admitted that thereafter, they got into a relationship where she would sneak into his house and engage into intercourse with the suspect who is an alleged a jail bird over similar cases.

Her aunt told the press that they realised of the mess when it was in its advanced stage and that is when they reported the matter to the police who immediately apprehended the suspect. 

Soon afterwards, her 17-year old cousin whom they were living together at their grandmother’s house soon developed some ‘strange illness’ which eventually came to pass as

“He used to frequent my mother’s home (the victims’ grandmother) purporting to be praying for the family,” said the aunt.

At the time the police were taking up the matter, the 17 year old victim developed some labour pains and was immediately rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital.

Despite their predicaments, the two cousins say that they still have plans to continue with their learning.

Confirming the incident, Thika East Deputy OCPD Zipporah Nderitu said that the suspect will be arraigned in court on Thursday.

“We also intend to recommend for DNA tests on the children once born to ascertain the true identity of their father,” said Nderitu.

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina addressing more than 400 parents who had pitched camp at the Civil Registrar's office for birth certificates on Wednesday.

A last minute intervention by Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina and Thika West DCC Tom Anjere prevented a possible crisis as hundreds of parents flooded the area Registrar of Persons office to apply for birth certificates for their children in order to beat next week’s Ministry of Education deadline.

More than 300 parents who were still uncertain whether or not they would beat the deadline impatiently protested over what they called delays in the vetting process for issuing birth certificates. 
The applicants were up in arms over what they said was reluctance by the relevant offices to process the documents as well as accusing some of the officials at the registrar’s office of corruption.

Armed with the requisite documents, the frustrated parents pitched camp outside the sub-county office and demanded to be addressed by the civil registrar Mary Muriuki. They alleged that they were ‘intentionally’ denied service in order for them to bribe their way to what they believed to be a fundamental right.

It was also alleged that officials had also employed the services of brokers who extorted money from parents on the pretext of helping them to process the documents.

Some claimed that their efforts to get help from Huduma Centre had failed to bear any fruits since the situation was a replica of the civil registrar’s office.

“These officers are frustrating us so that they can collect bribes from desperate parents for a service that is supposed to be offered for free. I can tell you for a fact that the delays here are deliberate and driven by the greed for money,” shouted one parent.

Responding to their grievances, Mrs. Muriuki said that her office has been receiving more than 500 applications per day for the past two weeks, consequently stretching her officers beyond limit.

“The process has turned chaotic especially within the last two weeks with hundreds of late applicants with children in class eight and form four flocking the office, since candidates cannot register for KCPE or KCSE without birth certificates, hence the mad rush. Previously, very few of them came here for registration,” she said.

Muriuki also blamed the delay on the scarcity of the certificates from the government printer.

Area MP offered to lend the office some more computers and printers from the CDF office so as to ease the backlog. He also requested the officers to work extra hours even if it meant to work over the weekend in order to clear learners back to school.

“The public expect quality services regardless of the situation and it is every citizen’s right to get a birth certificate. I will assist you to perform your duties in whatever way you ask me to even if it means to offer you extra machinery or man-power,” said the MP.

The DCC promised to deploy about 10 temporary staff from other departments for the next 10 days with a view to assisting the officers to hasten the clearance of these documents.

“I have also communicated with the head office and they have assured me that the (Birth) Certificates are ready and we will make arrangements as how they will get to you,” said Anjere.

Late last year, Former Education Cs Fred Matiang’i directed that all learners from nursery school to university to be assigned a six- character Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) linked to an electronic database with all the education records of the individual.

The Kenya National Education Management Information System (Nemis), similar to the personal identification number (PIN) issued to taxpayers for purposes of transacting business with the Kenya Revenue Authority and other Government agencies, will be used as ‘the single source of truth for information’ on all Kenyan learners and schools.

The tamper-proof system will be the ultimate record for the sector as it will consolidate data from all the Ministry of Education institutions. The students' identifier will take the form 'AAA-BBB' and will be used at every stage of the student's education.

By the click of a button, it will be easy to track the academic progress and qualifications of all persons, which will effectively deal a blow to cheats who resort to bogus academic papers.

The Nemis database will be available to potential employers, colleges and other stakeholders for verification of individuals' details before admission or offer of a job.

The school code take the form 'AAAA' and institutions without the special codes will be shut down.

“We will close down all schools that will not be in our database,” warned Matiang'i.

Governor Alfred Mutua addressing the second session of Machakos County Assembly on Tuesday.

The Machakos government is planning to sponsor a motion in the county assembly allow for a public/private partnership, setting stage for massive infrastructure development. 

This was disclosed today by Governor Alfred Mutua during the second session of the assembly also attended by the senator, Boniface Kabaka. 

Addressing the assembly, Mutua said that the move was necessitated by the scarcity of resources saying that the partnership will go a long way in spurring development in the region.

“We will soon be rolling out the new city project and this will be expanded to set up a new business park and factory in every constituency, hence the need to be smart and engage in such partnerships,” he said. 

He told the assembly that his plans were to initiate amazing, and at times, mind boggling development projects geared towards job creation and uplifting the people's living standards.

Mutua requested the members of the assembly to forget the past and join hands with the executive for the sake of the people, observing that previously the two arms of his government had strained relationships, something that delayed development projects and services to the electorate.

“I am ready, as I have always been, to join hands with you because it is not about me or you, but the people who elected us. Campaigns are over and we should now leave the politics behind us and champion the growth of our people,” the governor said. 

“My journey to State House has begun in earnest and I request you to be in the forefront in spearheading it home,” Mutua told the house. 

Meanwhile, the Wiper party point man in Machakos County, Simon Kitheka, has severed ties with his party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka.

Kitheka who is also chairman of the Machakos branch of the national chamber of commerce and industry, has been a diehard supporter of the party and was known to use his personal resources to popularize the Kalonzo led outfit.

“I have lost confidence in wiper and Kalonzo and have taken a sabbatical political leave,” Kitheka posted on his facebook wall. 

Kitheka was also involved in campaigning for the Wiper Machakos gubernatorial candidate, Wavinya Ndeti who was trounced by Governor Alfred Mutua who defended his seat under his Maendeleo chap chap party. 

Machakos county assembly majority leader, Francis Ngunga, also of wiper, on Tuesday pledged to work with Mutua's government to propel the county to greater heights. 

Speaking at a prayer meeting hosted by the speaker, Florence Mwangangi and attended by Mutua and senator Boniface Kabaka, Ngunga said he had buried the hatched with the executive and promised to work closely with Mutua 's government to spur growth.

Thika Town MP Patrick Wainaina (Centre) inspects the quality of the road construction works for the Engen-Kiganjo link road. With him is the site manager Eng. Earnest Ruto (right).

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina on Wednesday officially commissioned the construction and expansion of part of the proposed Sh. 1.5 billion Thika Bypasses.

The road project being done by Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) will be implemented in phases that will see the completion of the 2km Engen-Kiang’ombe-Kiganjo link road, the 3km Broadway-Athena link road, the BAT-Kiganjo link road and the Kivulini-Kang’oki-Kiganjo link road that is about 8km before they are joined to meet the Thika Superhighway at Witeithie in Juja Sub-County.

Addressing residents at the Kiganjo corner 4 junction, Wainaina said the commissioning of the new road will open up the area and ease traffic congestion that had dogged Thika town in the recent years.

He insisted that contractor must complete the project on time and do some quality works if the residents were to benefit from them.

“With the opening up of these roads, Thika will get back its glory days when it was referred to as the ‘Birmingham of Kenya’. They will open up areas such as Kiganjo and Athena and increase business activities for our people,” said Wainaina.

The legislator promised to lobby for the erection of street lighting in all the major roads within the town so as to enhance security and the ease to do business.

The MP, who was accompanied by Thika West DCC Tom Anjere, vowed to speed up efforts in developing the constituency, calling on residents to be more involved if they wanted to fully benefit from such advancements.

The DCC acknowledged that the project promised to enhance development and security. He asked Thika residents to take full advantage of these programmes by investing in housing projects as well as diversifying their business activities.

The site manager Eng. Earnest Ruto promised that the road to Engen will be complete within one week thereafter embarking on the Kiandutu-Athena stretch which was expected to be complete in the next two months.

The BAT-Corner 1 and the Kivulini-Kang’oki-Corner 1 project will be next before the embarked on the Oloitiptip Road to connect Murang’a County through Del Monte to link up with the Nairobi-Nyeri Highway near Thika Sports Club.

HI Young Construction Company won the tender which is expected to be completed within this fiscal year. The road will have a width of 8m and will carry two lanes.

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