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Wamatangi to deploy fleet management system to track county vehicles

Governor Kimani Wamatangi has said that his administration will streamline, modernize and repair all county government vehicles that have broken down

Addressing drivers at the Kiambu County Headquarters in Kiambu town, the governor said that this would ultimately save the devolved unit millions of tax payers money that would have been used to procure new vehicles.

He emphasized the importance of being responsible for the vehicle assigned to every individual since it was public property, which must be handled carefully and faithfully.

"I am keen on ensuring that we are prudent in the use and management of public assets and resources. There will be a fleet management system under my administration, which will support the tracking of all county vehicles to avoid a situation similar to what I experienced at the garage in Thika," he said.

Wamatangi insisted that every public officer under his administration must be faithful to the property that the county had invested in through taxpayer funds.

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