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Statement from Juma Hemedi as he concedes defeat

 Statement from Juma Hemedi 


Good Morning Thika Residents, let me take this opportunity to Thank the Almighty God for keeping us alive and healthy to be able to exercise our right to participate in The 2022 elections. 

The voting went on peacefully and voter turn out was low, but elections are always decided by those who show up to cast their vote. 

I have had a very wonderful political journey full of lessons since I announced my intention to represent Thika in the National assembly on 19th June 2021. I thank all those who have walked with us in This journey. 

IEBC Thika office is yet to officially announce the winner and All indications are that Thika voters have made their decision on who will represent them and I'm taking this earliest opportunity to congratulate the winner of the Thika Town Constituency seat and wish them well in serving Thika. 

I will continue to serve Thika community and Kenya in my other community positions as I have always been in the various humanitarian and community organizations. I will also continue to inspire generations of those willing to dare to dream and work towards that dream.

Election day is not the end but the beginning of the work that we must do as Kenyans to make our country great, real work begins in the implementation of the plans by the winner. 

Congratulations to my fellow competitors who travelled this journey and for all your sacrifices. 

God Bless Thika, God Bless Kenya. 

Juma Hemedi Mwaniki



  1. Thank you hemedi, we had hope but we leave to fight other day.

  2. Thanks bro, you gave a good fight, and accepted the same as a gentleman 👍

  3. All the best. Postponed victory


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