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15-year old girl confesses to killing her 3 siblings, cousin

A 15-year old girl has confessed to the killings of his 3 siblings and a cousin aged 15 months, 5 years and 7 years in the past one year.

In a confession at Kikuyu Police station, the Form 1 student narrated how she murdered her kin between February and July 2021.

She also confessed to have murdered her cousin who was 20 months old, at Gathiga village, Kabete Sub-County by drowning him in a well in their compound sometimes last month.

Earlier, the girl’s devastated father walked to Kikuyu Police Station and filled a report against his daughter whom he accused of killing his three children.

The juvenile admitted before Kikuyu Sub-County children’s officer to having committed the murders.

She is currently in custody at Kikuyu Police station as detectives process her for arraignment.


  1. This is very sad😔

  2. Very sad, may God protect our children

  3. So sad,this girl need deliverance she is not alone maybe she is possessed.


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