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Why Wajakoyah is a big threat to Ruto, Raila presidency

Any keen person will agree with me that Prof George Wajakoyah will be the third-force in the August 9 General Elections and this man might surpass the half million votes.

The prof is very strategic, focused, has identified his constituency and knows how to stimulate their emotions..

Wajakoyah has zeroed in on the youth, more so the ghetto youth and the jobless. A constituency that is easily swayed with fallacies and fantasies of imaginary worlds..... One which is easily swayed by anyone who says anything that is against the "system" (mababie). Anyone who says things that soothe and nourishes their rebellious mindset becomes a darling.

This explains why it was very easy for him to get mandatory 48,000 signatures from at least 24 counties. He didn't need to give any money to get any signature from this constituency.... Just get into a ghetto somewhere and shout "Jah Rastafari!" and promise them that he shall "legalise it".

He has been able to convince the youth that the country is poor because it doesn't grow "the herb" for medicinal purposes and for export. The youth have been convinced that once we grow the weed along Thika Superhighway, Kenya will be a land of milk and honey just like Canada and Mexico.

His candidature will be a big threat to William Ruto and Raila Odinga who have been pegging their hopes on the youth vote..... especially the jobless and the desperate. He will eat up very sizeable number of votes in this constituency.

For the duo, every vote counts and losing any vote might mean the end to their presidential hopes since this duel promises to be a very contested poll. The two need to marshal their troops to ensure that Wajakoyah doesn't eat much from their plates as this might hand the victory to their opponent.

Watch this space

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