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Police officer admitted to hospital following clash with two ladies

A police officer attached to Kware Police Station in Embakasi Nairobi has been admitted at a city hospital after sustaining serious injuries following a bar brawl involving two waitresses who were fighting over him.

The officer left his place of work after his shift and opted to enjoy the rest of the night irrigating his throat at the Villa Police Station canteen.
It was during this time that the lady waitress serving him engaged in a hearty conversation with the recently graduated officer whenever she was not serving the rest of the patrons.
This however did not go down well with her colleague who was serving from the counter who seem to be having an affair with the same officer.
Unable to take it any more, she left the counter and started attacking her colleague with blows and kicks, sending her tumbling on the floor and injuring her head and hands.
The lady then attacked the officer with flying projectiles as the altercation developed to a full blown commotion, attracting other police officers on patrol to the bar, and who later brought back sanity.
The two injured lovebirds were rushed to nearby Mukuru Health Centre for medical attention and allowed to go home.
However, the officer’s condition deteriorated and at around 3am, he was rushed to a city hospital where he is currently admitted in stable condition nursing his wounds.
Investigations into the incident have since been launched.

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