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Boishaod under siege

By Jaymo Wa Thika

I have followed a certain debate online that has gotten me so interested. It was talking about so many innocent men languishing in jail on false accusations of sexual harassment, rape or defilement. The argument was that so many men are now turning a blind eye on women in need or in distress for fear of tables turning against them in case the woman in question was not genuine in her cry for help.
Cases of false accusations reaching epidemic levels especially in today’s hard-drinking hookup culture, where the lines of consent have been blurred.
Majority of these claims come after a breakup of what was a consensual sexual relationship where for instance, you find women accusing their boyfriends of rape as revenge after being dumped. Others have consensual sex and then regret it the next day and decide to hit on the boishaod.
Then, we have those just doing it for attention.
There are also these teenage girls who tell their parents that they were raped to avoid getting in trouble by shifting blame to the boy/man. Some parents too use this trick to typically cover up the wayward behaviour of their teen daughters or even their own infidelity.
We also experience similar accusations on husbands whose estranged wives want to settle scores or disinherit them… Another lot that at times find themselves in a fix are gynecologists especially after they decline to subscribe to certain demands from these women.
This list is endless; the police during arrests, the teachers, office bosses….. You name it. So many men’s lives are so often ruined by these women’s malicious lies.
Note, this doesn’t aim to exonerate men who actually rape or defile… No. We know that there are rotten apples among the men folk who do that and should actually face the full wrath of the law. Our concern is mainly that innocent man who is made to pay for a sin that he never committed. It is wrong and the accusers need to face the law anytime there is proof otherwise.
Stories about male victimhood have became highly visible these days with men often claiming to be victims of false accusations of sexual harassment and assault by women. Men are increasingly afraid to be left alone in a room with a woman without a third party present. With the nature of our African perspective on masculinity and a justice system that favours women, men are justified to live in fear.
If a man calls a woman a liar or is accused of calling her a liar, he is guilty of calling a woman a liar, so there’s no way out. If he doesn’t deny it, he is thought to be guilty. If he denies it, he is taken to have committed an additional sin, so it’s a trap. It is that horrible...People either assume a man’s guilt or they assume he shouldn’t be asserting his innocence. It’s a catch 22.
In conclusion, it is a fact that false allegations are common and that so many innocent men are suffering as the result of being wrongfully accused. Women who lie about being sexually assaulted use it as a way to 'get back' at men or in custody battles.
If you are concerned about the possibility of someone you know making an allegation against you, maybe it’s time you began sensing the level of trouble you are in. Understand the consequences of you underestimating the legal ramifications for your life if you make the wrong decisions. Unfortunately, most people go into some level of denial thinking that this will minimise the trouble they are in. Consequently, they fail to do things they must and find themselves in much deeper legal troubles than they started out with.
Otherwise, Don’t Give Up – Stay Up. The God of men is still alive.

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  1. Some of the cases have led to long jail terms thus terminating the lives of innocent young men. Much more deligent investigations would cure this problem though not all men are innocent.


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