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Murder suspects arrested in Kiandutu and Gachororo

Police in Juja have arrested 2 suspects in connection to the brutal murder of Joel Juma, the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student who was murdered on Monday night.

Joseph Muchiri, alias Agent, 22, and Paul Mbatha, 20 were seized this morning (Wednesday).

The first suspect was seized from his hideout in Kiandutu, Thika town, while the second was arrested in Gachororo, Juja area, as he tried to escape the police dragnet that had been extended to Murang’a County.
Detectives are closing in on the third suspect and efforts to find him dead or alive are at advanced stages.
Joel Juma, who was at the apex of his undergraduate studies, met his death in the most callous manner, after three men accosted him and his girlfriend as they were headed for a friend’s house to seek revision materials.

The thugs, who are part of a gang desperately escaping an ongoing operation in the larger Eastlands area, assumed that they had found a safe haven in Gachororo, but not anymore. A comprehensive operation to engage them tooth and nail is currently ongoing.
Muchiri alias ‘Agent’ and Mbatha, have since confessed to taking part in the murder and are being processed for arraignment tomorrow, in strict compliance to the law.


  1. Too evil. Thanks for exposing their faces. I hope they law will do it well and well

  2. One day these murder will cease and cease completely.


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