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The power to change Thika is now in your hands

By Jaymo Wa Thika

We are barely 5 months away from the general elections…… An election that will determine who we entrust on our lives for the next 5 years and the future of our children and grandchildren.

What this simply means is that it is not just merely going to the ballot to vote but it simply means setting ground to break or make our future. This is never a time to gamble with our future. It is not a time to entertain jokers and opportunists into leadership.

As we are all accustomed to in every general election, leaders come with all sorts of promises but the electorate keep crying after every 5 years for silly decisions made at the ballot. Unfortunately, Kenyans never learn, especially going by the euphoric mood that is slowly creeping in at the moment.

None will listen to any voice of reason, as we are now all mad and drunk with partisan politics. We are now very busy laying ground for another false start to the next 5 years.

As I keep saying now and then, the most important vote is never that of the presidency but those of our immediate local leaders, especially that of the Governor, Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of County Assembly (MCA).

Every time people make mistakes in those three seats, the repercussions are felt for more than the five years you contract them. They mess your future and even make it very difficult for those who take over from them because, once their successors assume office, their biggest task is to correct the wrongs that were created by their predecessors instead of growing the economies of the people who elected them.

For instance, if you take a tour of Thika, and especially the CBD, there is nothing to really smile about. The town centre is in a mess……. Matatus, tuktuks, bodabodas, taxis terminus all over. Illegal structures are littered all over the town. Hawkers all over the place… not forgetting wares from shops being displayed all over the pavements and pedestrian walkways.

All these point to a failed leadership…. Just as the saying goes, the fish starts rotting from the head. We are just some headless chicken.

Correcting the mess

Now God has presented you with another opportunity to right the wrongs of the last 9 years, since all our troubles as Thika residents began with devolution. Before, some things we see today were unheard of in Thika. We have messed ourselves up every time we get to the ballot.

The politicians are now back with their same old narrative….. to correct the mess they themselves have created.  Are you, as a voter, the same stupid person you were in the last general election? Are you still letting your emotions drive you into the same garbage?

And by the way, where are the area opinion leaders? Where are the clergy? Where is the business community? Why aren’t they asking these leaders the hard questions? Why is everyone chickening out as our youth and gullible electorate are being misled into plunging us into another 5 years of miseries? Is it that Thika is dominated by cowards who fear standing up for their birthrights?

We need to start asking those seeking re-election to table their scorecards before seeking for our votes. We need to ask newbies to show us what they have done for the community before asking for our votes. We need to make these people accountable for everything they do or not do.

We need to put to an end to several wayward people corrupting their way into leadership. People with questionable characters should never be entertained anywhere near the leadership of this great town. Otherwise, we are all to blame for sitting back and letting crooks mess this place..

Remember, at the end of this all, God will ask you to account for what you did in this world.

Only a fool will do the same thing the same way and still wait for a different result ..... THINK TWICE.

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  1. Is the Chiefess giving out money? Thika is not about anything but campaign money these days...hahaha Lol. Im in landless and I get 200ksh from an aspiring candidate salon woman I dont know her name. Iwill never vote I just take the money.


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