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Government to lift ban on scrap metal trade

The government plans to lift ban on scrap metal trade but says that dealers will have to apply for licenses afresh under new regulations.

They will also be required to belong to a Business Member Organisation (BMO) and ensure they only trade with licensed dealers when sourcing or selling their stock.

In the proposed regulations, only the government-owned Numerical Machining Complex will be allowed to buy scrap metal disposed from critical national infrastructure such as roads and railways
Dealers will also be required to display the name and license number of their businesses outside their facilities and keep receipts detailing the nature of the scrap metal, its source, previous use and the registration details of the vehicle and the driver delivering it if it’s ferried to the premises.
To transport scrap metal, dealers will have to carry a copy of their license and obtain a letter authorising the vehicle to carry the load that must declare details of source and destination, type and quantity and name, ID and contact details of the driver.


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