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Muslims demand inclusion as they throw weight to support “Jungle” as Kiambu Governor

More than a thousand (1,000) Muslim faithful have declared their support for the candidature of Eng. Patrick Wainaina as governor of Kiambu County in the run-up to the August 9 General Elections.

Under the umbrella of National Upcountry Muslims Caucus (NUMCA) – Kiambu Chapter, the Muslim leaders promised to support only those candidates who shall embrace their interests, adding that the upcountry Muslim population, which numbers over a million people, had suffered exclusion by both national and local leadership for over five decades.

“There has been marginalisation and exclusion of upcountry Muslims who are the minority outside the Coastal Strip and the North Eastern Kenya. We have always been overlooked in state appointments, employment opportunities, education and issuance of bursaries among other forms of discrimination,” read part of the NUMCA press release.

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They said that they would work with like-minded people and organisations to fight for the rights of minority groups.

While accepting their endorsement, Eng. Wainaina promised that his would be an all-inclusive administration which will constitute all groups of people. He acknowledged the fact that Kiambu County was cosmopolitan, thus, the interests of all people must be taken care of regardless of their numbers.

He warned the Mt. Kenya electorate against beings wept off by euphoria and partisan politics which he blamed for the mess characterising the leadership of this country.

Juma Hemedi Mwaniki, who was also endorsed by the caucus to vie for the seat of Thika Town MP said that his ambitions were driven by his passion to uplift the lives of all residents and to look into the unemployment problem among the youth.

Juma added that he would check into policy issues that would promote development in the area.

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