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Man, STD 6 boy arrested in staged kidnap hoax

Police in Murang'a are holding a 35-year old man and an 11-year old boy who staged the boy’s kidnapping with intent to defraud the minor's aunt Sh 15,000.

In the Wednesday incident, the aunt received a call from the "kidnapper" who demanded the ransom, in exchange for the minor's release.

She immediately notified officers from Kenol Police Station who swung into action.

The caller had threatened to kill the STD 6 boy if she did not give out the demanded amount.

Acting on police guidance, the reportee convinced the caller to have the money delivered to him in cash, where they agreed to have the boy's school bag placed at a strategic spot at Kabati flyover, where she was to drop the money and keep a safe distance. 

The boy, a pupil at Mangoto Pry Sch, would be released immediately after the money was collected.

But to the shock of the officers who laid an ambush nearby, the boy was spotted watching gleefully as his alleged kidnapper marched for the moneybag.

Dedan Gacheru Waweru, 35, was arrested immediately he took hold of the bag, before the sleuths pounced on the errant boy.

Surprisingly, the boy who left home for school in uniform was at the time in his civics, which he cunningly stashed in his school bag alongside other home clothes, a radio and his aunt's second phone which was actually used to call her.

Detectives believe that the boy meant to disappear from his home, and are probing further to establish his intended destination.

Meanwhile, the two remain in custody undergoing legal procedures.

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