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Stray dog bites off man's thumb

Christmas Eve turned out tragic in Thika town after a stray dog bit off a young man’s thumb inside a local chemist.

It was alleged that the dog spent the day harassing town residents before it dashed into Menya Chemist located at Ngoi building near Thika Main stage.

The visibly agitated dog disrupted business at the chemist forcing the owner to seek help from passersby.

Unfortunately, one of those who volunteered to help lost part of his thumb after the angry dog jumped and bit it off.

The victim was rushed at the Thika level 5 hospital for emergency treatment.

The owner of the chemist sought assistance from the local police and county enforcement officers who, among the resident who had milled around managed to fatally injure the canine and remove its body from the facility.

Residents claimed that it was a very unusual scenario that had never been witnessed around that area before. They called on the authorities to take action against residents who let their pets stray around town as they paused some great danger to residents.

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