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Lecturer murdered, robbed on Christmas night in Kiganjo estate

The late Nahason Ngige, a tutor at Thika Technical Training Institute

A 24-year old man was on Christmas night murdered by a gang of about 15 thugs on motorbikes as they walked home at around 9:30pm.

Preliminary reports indicated that the deceased, Nahason Ngige and who is a tutor at Thika Technical Training Institute, was in the company of his younger brother and a neighbour when the gang emerged on three motorbikes and started attacking them using crude weapons near Sparkle Car Wash in Corner 3 Kiganjo estate.

His smaller brother was the first to be hit and when the deceased attempted to rescue him, one of the thugs hit him hard on the head, killing him instantly. They robbed them off their mobile phones before speeding off into the darkness.

The deceased’s neighbour however managed to escape with injuries and called for help from the neighbouring residents.

The younger brother was later rushed to hospital, treated and discharged.

Sources who confided to Thika Town Today – 3T  told us that the gang has been terrorising them for the last few months and it was no longer safe to walk at night around Kiganjo estate and its environs. They suspected that the thugs are drawn from the neighbouring Athena estate, Kiandutu and Kiang’ombe slums with accomplices from within Kiganjo estate who were planning and mapping these attacks.

They claimed that the situation was worsened by the fact that the only existing police post in the area had no vehicle, making mobility very difficult for the few officers deployed there. They threatened to take the law into their own hands if at all the situation was not urgently addressed.

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