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Government Statement on the Re-Opening of All Learning Institutions

The Government is excited about the resumption of learning in all our learning institutions, both public and private. Close to 12 million primary and secondary school children in both public and private schools joined the 3 million other learners who resumed school in October 2020.

Today being Day Two of learning, we are glad to note that the program has gone on well without major interruptions. This full re-opening of learning is coming after ten months of closure of schools due to the Corona virus pandemic.

As Government, we are committed to ensuring that the safety and well-being of our children are given utmost priority, and will work with all stakeholders, including parents to achieve this.

To support the resumption of learning, the Government has released Kshs. 4.6 billion to public primary schools and a further Kshs. 14.9 billion to public secondary schools for capitation, and to facilitate the implementation of #COVID19 regulations.

As part of the containment measures, wearing of face masks has now been made part of school uniform and is mandatory for all learners to wear face masks at all times. In its effort to ensure uninterrupted learning activities, the Government has made available 7.5 million face marks to be given to children from needy families. This is further complemented by the Kshs. 1.9 billion allocated late last year under the Economic Stimulus Program for the supply of locally assembled desks by our jua kali sector to help improve facilities in our schools.
To ease the burden of teaching due to shortage of teachers, the Government has recruited 5,000 teachers, and an additional 12,000 intern who will be deployed in various schools across the country. This is in line with the Government education agenda of upgrading quality of learning in schools.

A comprehensive medical insurance cover to all public school teachers against #COVID19 has also been introduced by the government. This is to ensure that our teachers are able to access critical care in the event one contracts the virus.

However, to insulate the teachers against #COVID19, the Government has procured the first batch of #COVID19 vaccines, whose preference of administration shall be the teachers, healthcare workers, security personnel and the elderly.

These are among the measures by the government to ensure the protection of our learners and teachers as learning progresses.
As Government, we will do everything possible to support this program and calling for full support of the same for the benefit of not only our children, but the future of our country as well.

Cyrus Oguna,
Government Spokesperson
Tuesday 5th January 2021

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