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Residents describe Ngoingwa pit death victim as a humble and hardworking man

There was a sigh of relief as the third body of the three men who 
on Monday afternoon succumbed inside a 40-feet deep pit at a residential flat in Ngoingwa estate Thika was retrieved on Tuesday afternoon.

In a retrieval mission by the Kiambu Fire and Rescue team that took more than two hours, family and friends broke down in tears as the body of the deceased was taken into the police land cruiser.

Those who spoke the press described the deceased as a very hardworking man who was humble and diligently served his clients. 

They said that on the fateful day, he was on his usual errands fetching water to supply to construction sites when the other deceased persons offered to drain the water drawn from the pit into his water containers.

It was at that moment that one of the deceased shouted for help after his colleague collapsed inside the pit for lack of enough air.

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As they attempted to pull him up, the rope they were using tore, pulling down with them the other two.

He is said to have survived with a widow and three children who have now been left without the breadwinner.

Anthony Wanjohi, a resident at the estate, challenged the county government department of physical planning and housing to be more vigilant when inspecting construction works especially underground tanks, boreholes and septic pits.

They however praised the Kiambu Fire and Rescue team for their efforts which they described as timely and very professional.

Before the retrieval, the residents had threatened to forcefully excavate the area and drain the water if the exercise failed to succeed on this second day. They said that they could not withstand the recommended 72 hours for a body in water to float.

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