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2 bodies retrieved from the Ngoingwa pit accident

Two bodies have been retrieved from the Monday afternoon incident where three people are said to have fell into an underground pit at a residential flat in Ngoingwa estate Thika near Kisiwa Primary School.

According to residents, the trio were draining water from the 40 feet deep pit using a mechanical pump when the incident happened at around 3pm.

It is alleged that the first victim suffocated while inside the pit when his friend climbed down to assist him climb up. A third person then came in to help them out with a rope but unfortunately he is said to have slipped and plunged into the pit, dragging along the two deep into the water.

It was at this time when neighbours who heard the distress call, communicated with the police and the Thika Fire & Rescue Team who responded very quickly.

In an exercise that took about 2 hours, the rescue team managed to retrieve two of the bodies but said that they found no sign of the third one.

"I have managed to retrieve two bodies from the pit but my search around the pit bore no signs of a third person. According to eyewitness reports, three people are believed to have fallen into the pit. I understand that there might be underground hole about 20 metres deep so we don't know if he is stuck inside the mud. In case there is someone inside, he will definitely float after 72 hours," said John Warutumo, a Kiambu County rescue staff who was at the centre of the recovery mission.

Confirming the incident, Thika West Deputy Sub-County Police Commander Daniel Kitavi said that the police would do all things possible to ensure that the missing person was found. He cautioned residents against engaging in such risky endeavours without proper safety precautions.

He added that they had launched investigations to ascertain what exactly transpired in the event when this accident occurred.

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