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Ngai has answered our prayers on COVID-19 pandemic - Kikuyu elders say.

The elders led by "Muthamaki" Njoroge Wa Karatu perform traditional ritual in April appealing for God's intervention over COVID-19 pandemic
Kikuyu council of elders from Thika Sub-County have thanked "Mwene Nyaga" for answering their prayers over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Thika Town Today on Friday, the elders led by "Muthamaki" Njoroge Wa Karatu said that this among the reasons Kenya was recording about 90% asymptomatic cases to the amazement of scientists. As you can see, Kenya is recording so many asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, something even the scientists are unable to explain. These are the works of our God and He has answered the prayers we prayed in April this year," said Karatu On 13th April this year, the elders converged at Chania River for traditional rituals and prayers seeking God’s intervention to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. At the brief ceremony, a sheep of one colour was slaughtered, its meat burnt to ashes and thrown into the river to signify that COVID-19 has been swept away with the water.

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