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Landless woman asks President Uhuru for help

A woman from landless estate in Thika town has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to heed to his promise to help her restart life after a family saga that turned her life to a beggar.

Mary Kamuguna is a mother of three who received the attention of the head of state during a December last year visit to Ruiru where he had come to open a Catholic Church with the president assuring her of support.

In a courageous move, the woman arose from her seat in the church and moved towards the President pleading for his help only to be blocked by the President’s security, a scuffle that caught the President’s attention.

The President told his bodyguards to let the woman reach out to him and was able to narrate her ordeal to the head of state, which touched the President.

He shared a phone number where the woman can reach him for help. However, after a few days, she lost her phone which contained the numbers, cutting communication.

This is after the President settled hospital bills for his son, who has been in hospital suffering from depression.

The woman claims to have been living a good life with his husband, bought land and constructed a house only to be divorced three years later.

After being reduced to nothing, life took a nasty twist as her 23 years old son went to depression and was admitted to various hospitals.

Her property was destroyed by the co-wife and her sisters and was chased out of her home. After which her elder brother accommodated her elsewhere since her brother could not afford to pay her rent.

She later moved to landless where she was sheltered and sympathized by James Njoroge who allowed her to live in an empty house in his plot as she takes care of his garden.

“We were blessed with a boy. We were doing well as we had bought a plot and were in the process of settling down only for him to inform me that he had another wife some years ago and were planning to get back together. He repossessed all what we had,” she said.

Every time the son visits his mother and finds her in the sorry state she lives in, the depression increases and he gets readmitted to seek medication.

She says the President claimed to not only clear the hospital bill but also fund her to restart life.

She has since lost the mobile phone that contains the contacts that the President gave him.

Her hope is the President would remember her and continue to support her to restart life again.

“If it were not for me losing my mobile phone, I would still be in contact and maybe would have received more help. He allowed me to meet him and has already helped settle the hospital bills of my depressed son. I hope he still remembers my ordeal and that he would support me,” she said.

Kamunga, at the moment does gardening of vegetables at a plot whose owner has allowed her to live in a cottage adjacent to the plot. The house she is living in is not habitable since cannot afford a decent living. She takes care of the garden and sells the produce for her boss.

She is now reminding the president to remember her since she is going through so much problems and doesn’t have money to treat the son who needs medication.

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