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Tuktuk driver father of one hangs self in a Thika estate toilet

A middle-aged man has committed suicide by hanging in a rented apartment in Kisii Estate Thika behind Kamenu Primary School.

The body of the father of one was on Sunday morning discovered inside a common toilet at their rented residence.

According to preliminary reports, the young father who is a tuktuk driver in Makongeni estate, told his wife that he had gone to bath in their plot's common bathrooms at Mwalimu Complex.

The wife got concerned when he overstayed in the bathroom and decided to to go and check on him. It is alleged that when she found no one in the bathroom, she checked to see if he was in the toilets and noticed that one of them was locked from the inside. Her efforts to get some response from whoever was inside turned out futile, drawing some concerns.

She called her neighbours who after checking out, saw the deceased dangling on a rope from the toilet's rafters.

She claims that there wasn't any prior disagreement between her and the deceased, and couldn't ascertain what drove him to take his life.

At the time of going to press, the police had arrived to collect the body.

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