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2 arrested for coning people on Facebook

Detectives in Kisii have arrested 2 suspects following multiple cases of online fraud where many have fallen victims in the hope of being enlisted for stipends to cope with COVID-19.

While impersonating a prominent lady in Kenya, the duo, Brian Osoro Nyariki and Duke Sabungi Ongweso, both 22 years of age, opened four fake Facebook accounts with which they lured vulnerable members of the public to register with at least KES. 599 for consideration in a false ongoing issuance of KES. 30,000 stipend to cope with the pandemic.

Once the any of the victims sent their money, the duo would immediately block their victims from accessing their pages and their phone numbers.

They used multiple pseudo accounts to post on the page as having benefited from the aid so as to lure unsuspecting follower. The money sent was also being cashed using several sim cards.

Several people had been successfully defrauded prompting a manhunt for the two, in whose possession were recovered 53 Airtel and 3 Telecom sim cards.

They will be charged for Publication of False Information C/Sec 23 of Computer Misuse and Cyber Crime Act and Obtaining Money by False pretense Contrary to Section 313 of the Penal Code.

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