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Wainaina promises to help drain flush floods causing havoc in Kiganjo and other areas in Thika.

A vehicle being pulled from a pit along Corner 1 – Corner 4 road that is in a very bad state.
Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina has promised to solicit for funding to arrest the flooding menace that has dogged Kiganjo estate for decades.

Speaking during a tour in the area to assess the extent of damage caused by the recent floods, Wainaina said that it was quite unfortunate that the residents kept facing the same problem every time it rained and it was now time the problem was solved once and for all.

He added that over and above his own initiative to control the flush floods, he would mobilise for funding from the government to ensure the area got more drainage and accessible roads.

“Kiganjo has a very great potential to become the next frontier in this region. For this to happen, we must cure this problem (of flooding) once and for all. I will also seek funds from the government to create an elaborate drainage system as well as more tarmacked roads here,” he said.

The legislator noted that his tour had identified that most of the flush floods spilled from the trench at Corner 4 and therefore efforts would be made to divert this water before it crossed the road into people’s residence.

He promised to do some rehabilitation works of the Kiganjo Corner 1 – Corner 4 road that was in a very deplorable state before he sought some government funding to upgrade it to bitumen standards.

He also appealed to the Ministry of  Irrigation to devise ways to harvest rain runoff so as to the stored water could be made useful even after the rains.

“The government needs to come up with a very elaborate programme to harvest all this water instead of watching all of it go to waste and in most cases, cause wanton destruction to property. The stored water can later be utilised for irrigation, domestic and commercial purposes,” he said.

Wainaina also challenged the county government to connect the residents of Kiganjo and surrounding areas with the main sewerage system.

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