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Relocate us to plots allocated to us by the president in 2017 – Giciiki floods victims.

Floods victims in Giciiki village Kilimambogo have appealed to the authorities to help them relocate to the plots allocated to them by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017.

The residents claim that one of the main reasons they were still stuck on the lowlands bordering Athi River was that some people went to court and blocked their relocation to the said plots, claiming that the land belonged to them.

They also claimed that only 25 people out of more than a hundred residents were allocated land, leaving the rest unaware of their fate once the relocation was implemented.

They were speaking during a damage assessment visit by the area MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina.

Wainaina promised to follow up the matter to its logical conclusion and ensure that once all was done settled, he would assist each family with 10 mabatis to help them put up their homes.

He appealed to them to accept relocation and only leave the shambas on the river belt for farming only.

“Let’s all agree to leave these shambas once we get relocated. Let’s use them for farming alone to avoid all these losses incurred every time it rains,” appealed the MP.

In the meantime, he promised to seek some temporary remedy to drain off the excess overflow of the river to ensure the waters never again rose to cause extensive damages to homes as experienced recently when homes were completely marooned by the floods.

The MP donated some foodstuff and blankets to the victims to help them cope with the harsh conditions after the floods as a permanent solution was being sought.

The Thika Branch of the Kenya Red Cross also donated kitchenware to the affected families.

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