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A naked decomposing body retrieved from a stream in Gatuanyaga.

Police in Gatuanyaga, Thika East on Saturday collected the of an unidentified person that was retrieved from a stream around Tosha area.

According to eyewitness who was at the scene, some youth who were fishing on Friday spotted a body stuck in the stream and they called a village elder who informed the area chief.

Efforts to remove it on Friday were futile but this was done on Saturday.

The body, which is suspected to be that of a man, had started decomposing and had parts missing especially the arms and his private parts. It is not clear whether the missing parts were as a result of murder or he had been mauled by wild animals or stray dogs in the area.

The bottom of his body was bare and it is unclear whether he met his death without his trousers.

The deceased was dressed in dark green vest, blue T-shirt, a black shirt and a black coat or jacket. On his arm, he wore a black bungle.

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