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Eucalyptus farmers asked to register their trees with Kenya Power.

Kenya Power is conducting a survey to determine the availability of mature raw eucalyptus trees for use in ongoing and upcoming power transmission and distribution projects.

In this regard, they are reaching out to tree farmers and plantation owners who have mature eucalyptus trees covering more than one hectare to declare the number of trees earmarked for processing into power transmission and distribution poles and the acreage covered by the trees.

The targeted species of trees are Eucalyptus Paniculata, E. Citriodora/maculata, E. microcorys, E. blobulus, E. regnans, E. saligna and/or E. grandis.

A mature eucalyptus tree shall be over 10 years old, with a diameter above 255mm (or 10 Inches) at breast height, very straight, and free from any physical defects.

Additional information required includes L.R number and the general location of the farm/plantation.
The information shall be filled on a sample form available here https://bit.ly/2WnMPM3 or at the nearest Kenya Power county offices.

This information should be submitted to the nearest Kenya Power county offices on or before 31st October, 2019 or scanned and emailed to pclangat@kplc.co.ke copy to mkirui@kplc.co.ke and smucheke@Kplc.co.ke

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