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Residents lynch suspect believed to be part of gang stabbing and mugging people at night

Curious wananchi watch as police collect the body of the suspect killed on suspicion of being part of a gang terrorising residents at night.
Angry residents of Kiganjo estate have lynched a suspect they allege is part of a gang that has been terrorising and stabbing people in the area.
This follows a spate of murders and people being stabbed between Corner 2 and Kimuchu Primary School.
The residents blame police laxity for the runaway insecurity despite the area being only a few metres away from the police post. Furthermore, this street is very well lit with enough streetlights.
One person was last night stabbed in the neck barely 24-hours after a 2TS driver was buried after he succumbed to stab wounds following a thug attack in the same area.
Of late, Kiganjo estate and its environs has experienced so many incidents of mugging and violent robberies. This has left residents fearing for their lives, especially those who walk home late from work or wake up early to report to work.
Police have collected the body of the suspect.

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