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Trouble looms for Kiambu County as Thika business community warns of revolt.

Thika District Business Association (TDBA) Chairperson Alfred Wanyoike.

The Thika business community has given the County Government of Kiambu a raft of demands to fulfill or else they take an unprecedented move to have their way.

In an open letter to the sub-county admin and the Municipal Manager, the traders through their umbrella association Thika District Business Association (TDBA) have warned that they would take industrial action against the devolved government if they failed to honour their demands.

The following is the letter by TDBA and addressed to the CGoK through Thika Sub-County Admin and the Municipal Manager….

An open letter to the CGoK Thro the Thika Municipal Manager and Thika Sub County Admin.

It has come to our notice that after traders paid their business licences, the county has come back to harass traders through the Sub County planner demanding payments for illuminated M-PESA signs and others.

Please take note that we shall not sit back and watch the County Government of Kiambu oppress already suffocated traders with no tangible services being rendered to Thika people even after paying levies. There is a lot of misappropriation and plunder of public funds within the County without control. We are now demanding the following basic services:

1) Fix all the dilapidated roads and seal all potholes (we don't care whether it's KURA or otherwise)

2) Fix drainage channels and cover open drainage manholes as a matter of urgency (this has been a cat and mouse game since last year)

3) Address the issue off hawkers in the CBD once and for all.

4) Address the issue of illegal structures in the CBD blocking shops and walkways as a matter of urgency.

5)Repair, install and maintain street lights to good working condition at all times for illumination and to enhance security of citizens and traders.

6) Sweep the streets, collect garbage consistently and thoroughly all over at all times

7) Repair broken pavements and walkways to rid town off mud and gaping fissures.

8) Mark our roads and put signage for easy traffic flow and safety of pedestrians.

9) Create and increase the number of parking slots within the Sub County.

10) Reduce the wage bill, curb pilferage, allocate more for development & Services and embrace public participation and Consultation.

Our Patience has been stretched to the end until we are being taken for granted.

We shall revisit. To the business community; let us wait for the signal.

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