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Thika to get 2 more sewerage treatment plants to cater for increasing population.

THIWASCO Managing Director Eng. Moses Kinya speaking to the press during a tour to assess the repairs and replacement works of the old trunk sewer line.
Plans are underway to construct two more sewage treatment plants for Thika town residents to cater for the ever-increasing population that currently overwhelms the existing one that was constructed in the early 70s. 

This was revealed by Thika Water and Sewerage Company (THIWASCO) Managing Director Eng. Moses Kinya during a tour to assess the repairs and replacement works of the old trunk sewer line.
Kinya added that, with the assistance of the World Bank and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project (NaMSIP), the old wastewater treatment plant in Kang’oki area was being expanded and upgraded to cope with the increased demand for sewerage services.

“Plans are at an advanced stage to construct two modern sewerage treatment plants at Pilot area and at the Nanga Sewerage Plant area in Gatuanyaga division. Upon their completion, and the existing one at Kang’oki area, we will be in a position to adequately serve our catchment area very comfortably,” explained the MD.

He added that with the completion of these projects, areas currently not connected with the main sewer line would start getting these services.

“These projects will increase our wastewater treatment capacity and quality, reduce sewage spillages and chokes and reduce environmental pollution that has been the case now when the old trunk line collapse due to old age thus causing blockages as experienced over the weekend,” he said.

Drinking water supply.

Kinya admitted that even though they have stored enough drinking water in their reservoirs, the current drought had affected their supply as there was very low intake into their water treatment plant.

He attributed this partly to diversion of water from Rivers Chania and Thika by large scale farms living upstream.

He advised these companies to instead investing in construction of water storage dams which they could store enough water during the rainy seasons.

Major water projects.

The MD also added that plans were at advanced stage to construct more reservoirs to help increase their water supply in future.

“We have proposals to construct the Thika 3A Dam to supplement another one being financed by the Danish Business Financing. And with the help from the World Bank and Kiambu County Government, we are going to construct a new treatment plant at Maryhill area that will tap water from Kariminu River and supply it downstream to most of those areas that currently experience water shortages in Thika,” he said.

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