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“Always” in danger of a Kenyan ban following consumer complaints.

A tweet by activist Scheaffer Okore under the hashtag, #MyAlwaysExperience has led to hundreds of women sharing their unpleasant experiences with Always sanitary towels.

In their tweets, some have complained of itching, rashes, boils and burns with others telling tales of embarrassing “leaks.

This prompted to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) to initiate investigations into US multinational Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) Always brand of sanitary pads.

The move could result in the withdrawal of the products if they are found to be sub-standard.
Kebs investigations will include extensive market surveillance and testing of these products to ascertain if there exists any breach of quality standards.

The outcomes of this analysis will determine the next course of action, including market withdrawal of any substandard products.

In response to these complaints, P&G has refuted in statements saying that all their products were safe and met the same safety and quality standards globally.

The company, whose range in Kenya includes Always Ultra-Thin, Always Maxi Thick, Always Ultra Soft, Always Maxi Soft, and Always Platinum however acknowledged that a section of its users were reacting to their products.

“We acknowledge and understand that there have been women who have had different experiences with our products. We appreciate that women have varied & unique period experiences and as such our broad portfolio is designed to cater to these needs. Our Always product range consists of eight different pads, each befitting a specific need. In fact, we are receiving very positive feedback on our recently launched Always.” read the P&G statement.

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