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Kiandutu residents differ on list to spearhead issuance of title deeds.

A section of Kiandutu residents has distanced itself from a list of 60 members who were appointed to spearhead the demarcation of the land and subsequent issuance of title deeds to beneficiaries of the slum ownership programme.

In a meeting convened by Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu at the Mbururii Grounds, some residents demanded reconstitution of the membership to that committee saying the leadership had imposed these members on them.

A committee of 60 locals from the ten clusters that make up the slum had earlier been appointed by the governor to oversee the program. Each cluster is represented by two men, two women and two youth.

This committee is mandated with the task to collect data of all genuine squatters residing in the vast slum who will eventually be allocated some space to call home.

This team will work under the close supervision of the area local administration.

“This committee will from Monday (yesterday) start collecting data from each household so as to help us know the exact number of people in this slum. The surveyors will then embark on the subdivision of this land and those who will not get space here will be getting the first priority in the other land that we got from Del Monte Company,” explained Waititu.

Waititu added that once every resident was issued with a title deed, his government will invest heavily in infrastructure such as modern sewerage system, adequate supply of clean and safe drinking water, street lighting and all weather roads.

Majority of those interviewed welcomed the new developments but cautioned that they would not agree to fall prey to any form of discrimination or nor outsiders taking advantage of the process to deny genuine squatters from benefiting from this noble government initiative.

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