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Thika Barbers, Salonists reject equipment deal with Kiambu Women Rep.

Thika Barbers and Salon Association officials during the press conference.
Over 269 members of Thika Barbers and Salon Association have rejected equipment loaned to them by Kiambu Women Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba saying the Mamacare project was a sham and need to be probed.
Speaking at Thika during a press conference just a day after president Uhuru Kenyatta launched the project at Kiambu, the barbers and salon association officials accused Wamuchomba of wanting to exploit them by selling the items to them triple the market price adding that the items were substandard.
Kenedy Lumbasi (chair), Affrey Njenga (Sec. general) and Catherine Mbindyo (treasurer) led the other officials in disassociating themselves with Wamuchombas Mamacare program saying the woman rep. was exploiting them at the expense of helping them.
They alleged that a drier costs Ksh 8,000 but Wamuchomba is giving them at a higher purchase loan of Ksh. 15,000 double. A barber's shaving machine which retails at Ksh 2,000 is given to them for Ksh. 3,500  with a salon sink fbeing sold to them for sh. 1000 instead of the retail price of ksh. 300.
The members appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to withhold funds meant for the project as they read a lot of ulterior motives in the whole project. They pleaded with him to protect them from being exploited by greedy politicians advising him to monitor all government moneys as most of it does not benefit them.
Contacted for comment, Wamuchomba said that politics were being played in her program and asked them to write a letter to her saying they don’t want the equipment. 
Wamuchomba further said their actions were politically motivated saying her political enemies were behind the barbers and salonists who denied the allegations saying their association was non-political.

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