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"Bribe traffic police at your own peril!" Thika police warn commuter service providers.

Thika West OCPD Paul Kiriki, Assistant traffic police commandant Mary Omari and the Thika West Traffic Base Commander Hellen Wamuyu pose for a photo at Thika stadium during the road safety awareness meeting on Tuesday. 
Thika traffic police department has warned Matatu, Tuktuk, and Bodaboda riders not to try bribe them otherwise they would find themselves behind bars. 
Speaking during road safety awareness meeting held at Thika stadium, Thika traffic base commander Hellen Wamuyu and Assistant traffic police commandant Mary Omari said that corruption won’t be tolerated in Thika as it contributed immensely on the increasing road carnage where it has gone up from last year by 10%.
Wamuyu the Thika traffic commandant started it all when she told the drivers, touts and riders that it will not be business as usual because both the matatu operators and traffic police officers who engage into the criminal act of bribery will be culpable of the offense.
She told the operators to make their vehicles and ensure they followed traffic rules to the latter otherwise there would be no sacred cows in the event that they break the law. She however, said she will try as much as possible educate them on the dangers caused by bad driving and failure to observe traffic rules as it is envisaged in the constitution.
Omari  on her part said that last year we lost 322 souls and 453 this year due to accidents which she said was due to human error. She said this can be avoided if all the stakeholders adhere to traffic rules without delay.
During the road safety awareness meeting, they were taken through all traffic rules and precaution measures while on the roads. The operators agreed to work with the police in harmony in order to straighten the industry.

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