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Triple Blessings, Triple Trouble

Babies are a blessings but when they come in triplicates they can be a source or real trouble in a family. A family in Witeithie estate in the outskirts of Thika town is now living in dilemma and lamenting the birth of three children conceived through a a successful caesarian operation   at Thika level 5 hospital recently.
Irene Museno and Patrick KaseseNgao were initially expecting twins but to their surprise a third baby presented herself and complicated the equation for the peasant couple .
Speaking at their single room house at Witeithie, the couple lamented that the bundles of joy are causing them sleepless nights as they cannot afford a meal or afford to feed the children with formula milk because the mother is unable to produce breast milk.
The distraught parents who live in a dungy room with their three babies narrated how their lives changed immediately the babies were delivered with life taking a nose dive after the mother developed a mental breakdown.
The triplets mother Museno though congratulating nurses in Thika level 5 for helping and encouraging her said the third child’s appearance brought to her a great shock and from that day, she has been on and off back to the hospital where she has been admitted and discharged over a strange ailment caused by shock and panic.
She said trouble started when her husband Kasese a hawker in Thika was arrested selling clothes  by county government askaris the day she was taken to hospital thus using the Ksh 2000 they had kept by paying for his fine.
She appeals to Kiambu governor Ferdinard Waititu to allow his husband do hawking uninterrupted so that he can support the triplets and the family as they have no any other means of earning life.
Their single room is also stuffy choking with dust and smoke from they cooking apparatus thus exposing the children to ailments.
Kasese now has to play a double role of being the breadwinner as well as nursing the ailing wife and their three babies a task he says is overwhelming to him.
The parents who are at their 30s are now depending on neighbours and well wishers to make ends-meet and buy milk for the babies with neigbours coming in handy to cuddle the babies as the mother is unable to take care of them.
They are calling on their leaders and well wishers to come to their aid as they are living in abject poverty because of the blessings. 

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