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Meet Ngelo aka Stephen Mugoro Thika's legendary footballer.

Stephen Mugoro aka Ngelo poses for a photo outside his office during the interview. 

Stephen Mugoro Nyambura popularly known as Ngelo is a house hold name in Thika, one of the founding members of Thika United Fc, he has used his life experience to fight against alcohol and substance abuse amongst the youth within Hospital Ward, his efforts have not gone unnoticed he was recently appointed as a personal assistant to the area Member of County Assembly Hon. Danson Mburu.

He offers his advice to the youth and the people of Thika Town to be wary of the leaders who are out to divide them along ethnic, religion or political affiliation, there is a lot that young people can do to empower themselves and encourages them to work hand in hand with the County leadership to see to it that they reap from this relationship.

1      Were you born and brought up in Thika?

Yes I was born and raised in Thika, as a matter of fact at the Thika District Hospital and went to two Primary schools that is General Kago and Thika Primary, attended Kigumo Bendera- Murang’a and Equator High School where I sat  for my K.C.S.E .  My childhood memories are full of adventure we used to go hunting, swimming  and fishing in places such as Kang’oki, Landless, Kenya Canners, Kotox, Kihingeks in Chania River with my friends most of them who are no longer alive.

It is in Thika where I nurtured my skill and love for football as a matter of fact I was in the first team that saw Thika United formerly MEDISCA get promoted into the Kenya Premier League, I also met the love of my life here too, I have worked in Thika in several popular industries such as Bidco, Swan Carriers currently I work as a Personal Assistant to Hospital Ward MCA Hon. Danson Mburu.

Why do you love Thika? 
I love Thika town because as long as you are hardworking and committed to what you do something has to give. I have encountered many people who have ended up giving up and getting lost in life's challenges but some have found their way back, I am a living testimony  have lived in a life laden in Alcoholism. 

I come from a very humble back ground my mother used to sell porridge and Kienyeji at the main bus stage, and despite all these challenges I have turned out to be a better person. 

We have a town that is full of opportunities whether you are an investor, student,job seeker, you name it, no town compares to ours.

Given a chance what would like to change about Thika? 

Growing up it was quite difficult to secure employment despite Thika being laden with numerous factories my generation really suffered because we had to rely on how well one was connected for one to secure a job; unfortunately this culture has never died.  

 I’d love to see  this change I want to use my position as a Personal Assistant to Hon. Danson Mburu to encourage  the young people in this town take to advantage of the current leadership  and organise themselves in groups let’s re-plan our Ward and see how we can create employment opportunities

Thika is worth visiting because? 

Thika is safe unlike yester years crime rates have dropped significantly, we have a conducive environment for doing business and also we have sober and determined leaders who have Wanjiku’s needs at heart and are ready to work with them for a better tomorrow.

Connect with Ngelo on FaceBook:Stephen Mugoro

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