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Mechanic stabbed to death as he walked home from a “matanga”.

The Late John Ngugi Nyoro aka “Mbuki Mbuki” who was stabbed to death in Majengo Estate on Wednesday night.

A middle-aged man was on Wednesday night stabbed to death in Majengo Estate Thika as he reportedly made his way home after attending a prayer gathering at “Kimilili garage” to mourn the death of one of his colleagues.

John Ngugi Nyoro aka “Mbuki Mbuki”, a mechanic at Kimilili garage near Ofafa estate is believed to have met his death between 10pm and midnight near the SACDEP- Kenya area, just a few metres from where he lives.

“He left the ‘matanga’ at around 10pm and walked home to Majengo. We suspect that he was ambushed by his assailants as he branched to join the small path to his house. That section of the road is generally dark and isolated especially at night,” explained one of his colleagues who did not want to be named.

He added that his attackers stabbed him once on the neck, maybe after he resisted or fought back.

“He had a very deep stab would on his neck. I suspect he might have resisted or fought back as his attackers attempted to rob him. We were called by friends and found him lying near the road this morning,” he said.

His body was discovered on Thursday morning at around 6 am by passersby who later notified Thika police.

Confirming the incident, Thika OCPD Bernard Ayoo said that they had yet to establish the motive to the attack but added that they had already launched investigations to establish the circumstances in which he died.

Residents who talked to the press in camera described the area as an insecurity hotspot with so many cases reported on a daily basis.

Only last week, a middle-aged woman was stabbed in the eye only a few metres from where Mbuki Mbuki’s body was found.

They blamed this situation to rampant use and trading of chang’aa, bhang and other hard drugs in Majengo.

“They (peddlers) sell these drugs openly here. These people are untouchable and do not fear even the authorities. Bhang and chang’aa is sold and consumed in broad daylight with impunity,” said one resident.

The body of the deceased is at General Kago Road Funeral Home.

Ngugi leaves behind a wife and two kids, the eldest being about 5-years old.

Meanwhile, police are trying to identify the identity of a middle-aged woman whose body was found floating in a pool of water at Njomoko area on Monday morning.

According to Ayoo, they are yet to establish the cause of her death since her body had no signs of any injuries.

“She had no signs of attack and all her clothes were intact. We are trying to establish how she ended up in the pool and how she died,” explained the OCPD.

He appealed to anyone with a missing female adult to report to Thika Police Station so as to help in the identification of the deceased.

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