July 2018

Mr. Ngabu, one of the August 21 fire victims at Biafra Estate explains to Thika Town MP Patrick Wainaina some of the predicaments the traders are undergoing since the incident.

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina has come to the aid of small traders who lost their property after a fire gutted down their businesses late last month by pledging to donate building materials and equipment to assist them restart their businesses.

While speaking to the victims on Tuesday night at the scene of the fire, the MP acknowledged the fact it was virtually impossible to help them get back all what the lost in the inferno but pointed out that his gesture was geared towards getting them back on their feet again.

Wainaina asked them to constitute a committee Wednesday morning to be chaired by his Personal Assistant (PA) John Mwangi Njuguna so that they could come up with the right formula that will see that each of the victims was assisted in the best way possible.

“The money may not be enough to replace all what you lost in the fire but it is just some relief to get you back on your feet again. This is a personal donation through Jungle Foundation and I want you to sit down tomorrow morning with my PA here and come up with the best formula that will see that everyone who was affected (by the fire) is assisted to restart their businesses,” he told the victims.

The first time legislator reckoned that any job losses was costly to the country as it contributed to an escalation of insecurity and drug and substance abuse.

“About 200 hundred people who directly depended on these businesses have lost their livelihoods which may lead to a rise in insecurity and drug abuse. We cannot just sit back and let this happen as job creation has been my number one priority here in Thika,” he said.

Jane Njeri Kamande, who operated a salon business in the area for the last 11 years recalled how she and most of her neighbours lost everything to the fire. She said that since the incident, it has been an uphill task to fed for her three kids as that was her only source of income.

She appealed to other leaders and well-wishers to come to their aid and assist them to rebuild their lives again.

“It has been a big challenge to feed my three kids since this was my only source of income. No one has come to our aid since the fire outbreak and that is why we thank our MP so much for his gesture,” she said.

The centre is named after its pioneer “Ngabu” who set up his first business there over 35 years ago. Ngabu said that it was so difficult to come to terms with the heavy losses he and his colleagues incurred on the fateful night.

He noted that without external assistance, it was quiet difficult for these traders, majority of whom were young people, to ever manage to restart. He therefore appealed to well-wishers to assist them in whatever way possible.

About 20 small traders lost everything after their business premises were razed down after fire broke-out at ‘Ngabu trading center’ in Biafra Estate on August 21 2018.

Property valued at more than Sh. 4 million was reduced to ashes by fire whose cause is yet to be established. The inferno that started at around 10.00pm and lasted for at least three hours, razing down several shops before the fire brigades from Thika sub-county fire services arrived.

A section of the participants at the MKU Free Medical Camp at their main campus in Thika.

Mount Kenya University on Monday kicked off a Free Medical Camp at its main campus in Thika.

The camp that was officially flagged off by its Vice Chancellor Prof. Stanley Waudo will run until Thursday 2nd August 2018 and will offer free medical services to members of the public.

It was preceded by a ‘Free cancer screening sensitization walk’ where participants walked around Thika town.

It has been organised by a team specialist doctors from the MKU College of Health Sciences in conjunction with their colleagues from Nanavati Hospital, India, Kiambu County and Zambezi Hospital.

There will be free lifestyle diseases awareness and cancer screening services at the medical camp whose theme is “My Health is My Wealth: Take the step, reduce the risks”.

The Medical Camp is an important engagement with members of the community and it is the Universities Corporate Social Responsibility.

Among some of the services to be offered include:-
  • Screening for non -communicable lifestyle diseases- hypertension and diabetes
  • Nutrition assessment and Health education on lifestyle diseases.
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Breast cancer screening
  • Prostate Cancer Screening
  • Counseling services
  • Dental/Oral Health services.
  • Voluntary Counseling and Testing (HIV/AIDS)
“We hopes that members of the public will get access to quality cancer and lifestyle diseases screening at no cost. In addition to the screening, visitors to the medical camp will also receive advice on nutrition in addition to enjoying dental services at no cost. We hope to extend similar support to other regions of the Country in future,” Dr. Kirira, Director of the MKU Foundation.

CHANGE OF GUARD: Dr. Peter Munga has handed over the reins of power to David Ansell in a nostalgic event at Kangema town, Murang’a County.
Dr. Peter Munga has called it a day at the helm of East and Central Africa’s biggest bank, Equity Bank, after a 35-year tenure.

In a nostalgic event at Kangema town, Murang’a County, Dr. Munga addressed residents outside the office where the bank first opened its doors in a small room in 1984.

However, the crowd got uneasy as he introduced the new bank’s chairman Mr. David Ansell and handed over reins of power though he managed to convince them that they were in safe hands.

“I know it’s difficult for those who have travelled this journey with me to come to terms with my exit. But I assure you that Mr. Ansell will work closely under my mentorship,” said Dr. Munga.

Dr. Munga recalled that his drive to open the bank was necessitated by the challenges he experienced as a young man as well as the hardships experienced by women from his village who included his late mother Beth Nyambura as they received their proceeds from tea harvests.

“Banks then never accepted customers whose accounts fell below Sh. 10,000. This forced my mother and other women to travel all the way to my place so that I could cash these cheques on their behalf,” he said.

At the age of 20 years, he took the challenged and decided to bridge this gap by opening a Sacco that he named Equity Building and Housing Cooperative Society.

Their first branch at Kangema town had a small board room that was shared by the chairman and the 
institution’s manager. He then introduced Mr. Ansell to the Murarandia branch which was their second branch and then their third branch at Kiriaini.

The reception of this new initiative was so drastic culminating in the introduction of more branches before the Sacco later transformed itself into Equity Bank in 2014.

“In fact, we were overwhelmed by the numbers we got at Kangema, pushing us to open a second branch at Murarandia shopping Centre and a third one at Kiriaini in Mathioya Constituency. In all these stations, we had quite a big number of tea farmers,” he explained.

Dr. Munga concluded by expressing his joy at achieving his childhood dream. He added that he had great hopes in the new leadership whom he tasked with the duty of listing Equity Bank in both the London and New York Stock Exchange.

While addressing the same gathering, Ansell admitted that it was a quite an enormous task to fit in his predecessor's shoes adding that the task ahead was enormous.

However, he promised to take the bank to the next level and ensure it had branches across Africa and the world.

"I have never ever dreamt that the board will have the courage to choose me as the chairman of Equity. I have known the chairman for close to 15 years now and I must admit that it is a scary thing honestly to fit in his shoes. He cannot be replaced.

Currently, Equity Bank has 294 branches with a customer base of 12.5 million and has spread its wings to six countries namely: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and DRC. The bank has an estimated total assets amounting to US$ 3.21 billion (KES. 284.37 billion).

Participants who had attended the child protection workhop held in Thika pose for a group photo.
Police in Thika on Friday received training on issues surrounding child protection in a bid to identifying key actors and collaborative efforts in protection and strengthen the fight against exploitation and abuse of children. The day long workshop was organised by WEMIHS a Thika based Non- Profit organisation that champions for children's rights as well as empowering communities towards improving their lives was held at the Ministry of Social Services offices in Thika.

The Police training on child protection, was attended by representatives from the National Police Service led by Makongeni Police Station -Thika  OCS James M. Sarim, Thika Law Court's Magistrate Brenda Bartoo, Probation Officers, Gender officer's, Susan Gitau Counseling Foundation Counselors led by Dr Susan Gitau.

WEMIHS Founder and Executive Director Wairimu Mungai  said that her organisation had been supporting programmes aimed at protecting children from abuse within Thika Sub County and urged all the participants to take up responsibility in safeguard children rights.

“Our responsibility to protect children from abuse does not stop at the borders Thika. I applaud the pivotal role of WEMHIS in working with the National Police Service and other stakeholders within the  law enforcement realm to safeguard children and prosecute offenders, wherever they are located.
 The Multi-Sectoral approach initiated by WEMIHIS shall continue championing for the safeguarding of children rights within Kiambu County and beyond.

Police in Thika have arrested a 50-year-old man who allegedly defiled his 5-year-old daughter and two other girls in Kiganjo Estate.

John Kamande Wanjiru, a father of four, was arrested on Tuesday at his home following a complaint lodged by the Thika Children’s Officer Mrs. Lina Mwangi.

According to Thika West OCPD Willy Simba, the daughter confided to her mother Ms. Cecilia Ndumia that her father defiled her, prompting her to report the matter to the Children’s office.

After interrogation, it was discovered that the father had also sexually assaulted two other girls in the neighbourhood.

The couple has been married for the last six years.

On Tuesday, the children’s officer, accompanied by the police, raided the home and rescued the children from their tormentor.   

The minors were taken to Thika level 5 hospital for examination and later to Macheo Rescue Centre.

The suspect has been arrested and taken to Thika Police Station where he is being held awaiting to be arraign in court for defilement and incest charges this morning.

Thika KNUT Executive Secretary Joe Mungai Ngige.

Thika KNUT Executive Secretary Joe Mungai Ngige has linked the current wave of school unrest and fires to exam cheating cartels out to disrupt the management national examinations in the country.

While speaking to Thika Town Today over the weekend, Mungai accused these cartels of blackmailing the government’s stringent measures in fighting examination cheating.

He challenged the offices of the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and the National Intelligence Services (NIS) to play a more decisive role in unearthing the underlying factors in the unrest that have wreaked havoc in the country for the last 5 years.

The KNUT boss faulted the arrest of students and linking them to torching of schools arguing that this was only a ‘stop-gap measure and not a full measure’.

“I have never seen any school selling fuel thus these learners are only being used to igniting these fires. Though I am not exonerating juvenile hooliganism in the wanton destruction and proliferation of indiscipline in schools, but there is a ‘hidden’ adult hand that has not been highlighted in this matter,” he stressed

Mungai insisted that any students suspected to be behind the arson should be treated as a criminal and should be dealt with according to the law.

“Most of them are between the ages of 15 -17 thus should be held under probation and upon acquiring the age of 18, be imprisoned like any other criminals,” he said.

He lauded former Education CS Fred Matiang’i and the National Examination Council for putting in place a watertight system to administer, supervise and mark national examinations that is now frustrating examination cheaters and their cartels. 

He challenged Matiangi’s successor CS Amina Mohamed not to give in to attempts to water down the process.

“Already over 70 schools have been set ablaze this year. Last year, over 120 schools were burnt, with 126 schools set on fire in 2016. Should we just sit back and watch students bring down schools? We must reverse this very unfortunate trend otherwise parents will continue bearing the blunt of wanton destruction in our learning institutions that have taken decades to set up,” he concluded

Caption; IMG Joe Mungai KNUT Secretary General Thika branch speaking in Thika today.

Charred remains of property worth millions of shillings after yesternight's inferno at Biafra Estate. 

About 20 small traders are now counting losses after their business premises were razed down by a fire broke-out at ‘Ngabu trading center’ in Biafra Estate, Thika town.

Property valued at more than Sh1 million was reduced to ashes as the owners could not get immediate assistance from the fire fighters and were forced to improvise crude ways of putting out the inferno.

The fire, whose cause is yet to be established, started at around 10.00pm and lasted for at least three hours, razing down several shops before the fire brigades from Thika sub-county fire services arrived.

Angry residents protested against the county government accusing it for failing to respond in time. Residents of the neighbouring Majengo, Biafra and Starehe estates came to help but they could not salvage anything because the fire was spreading very fast.

The situation at the scene of the fire at about 1am Sunday morning.
“The first vehicle to arrive here came after 30 minutes and it still did not have enough water. The fire escalated spontaneously to other shops as they too watched helplessly. About 45 minutes later is when the second fire engine arrived,” explained one of the traders who claims to have lost property worth over Sh. 300,000.

“I was unable to salvage anything from my kinyozi, M-PESA shop and butchery,” he lamented.

Ngabu area that neighbours Bible Fellowship Church hosts several businesses in semi-permanent buildings that includes salons, kiosks, M-PESA shops, eateries and other businesses.

No casualties have been reported so far.

A recent study by The State University of New York found that a woman’s happiness levels and sleep quality could be related to the quantity of semen going into her body during sex.

The survey that involved 293 college women at SUNY Albany revealed that semen contains a range of mood-boosting and sleep-inducing hormones that enter a woman’s blood through her vagina, thus alleviating and elevating her mood. 

They discovered semen may contain high doses of mood-elevating estrone and oxytocin, cortisol, melatonin, anti-depressant prolactin, thyrotropin releasing hormone and serotonin.

In the survey, the researchers found that women who used condoms (and were therefore less exposed to semen) were more likely to be depressed than those who did not use condoms. On the other hand, among women who did not use condoms, the longer they went without having sex (or being exposed to semen), the more likely they were to be depressed.

Semen is best known for what's not absorbed by the vagina, sperm, which swim through it on their way into the fallopian tubes where fertilisation takes place. But sperm comprise only about 3% of semen. The rest is seminal fluid: mostly water, plus about 50 compounds: sugar (to nourish sperm), immunosuppressants (to keep women's immune systems from destroying sperm), and oddly, two female sex hormones.

In addition to antidepressant compounds, semen also contains two female sex hormones, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). FSH spurs egg maturation in ovary.

LH is involved in triggering ovulation. This might explain why many women report increased interest in sex around the time of ovulation.

The findings found women who described themselves as “promiscuous” yet used condoms were as depressed as women who practice abstinence. The team said that this suggested it is semen, not just sex, that makes women happy.

This came in the same month Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany, proposed semen also helped women suffering from morning sickness. Gallup theorised that pregnant women often feel nauseous because their bodies are rejecting the semen’s genetic material as alien.

It thus follows that ingesting the same sperm would allow the body to build up a tolerance.

This topic should be approached with extreme caution. Not everyone can afford to have unprotected sex and casual sex should always be approached with protection. Just because semen may exhibit certain antidepressant properties does not mean one should indulge in sex with no forms of protection. Even with protection, sex can lead to pregnancy.

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is calling for vigilance from the authorities in order to contain cases of insecurity that if not checked, might cripple the economy of Thika town.

While speaking on Friday in his office following the murder of 3rd- year Education student near Witeithie Estate in Juja on Tuesday afternoon, MKU Dean of Students Emmanuel Owuor reckoned that security was paramount for businesses to thrive and the lack of it would definitely scare away investors.

The dean pointed out that even though this incident happened far away from their institution, the police needed to contain insecurity.

“Thika was initially an industrial town but it has now turned into an institutional economy. The police need to intensify patrols and follow up all criminal cases to deter recurrence of similar cases. 

Something needs to be done both within the town and its environs otherwise insecurity might de-market this town and cripple its economy,” said Owuor.

Owuor added that, as an institution, MKU had taken stringent measures to secure their students. Among the steps taken to protect the students, he said, include installing 4 high mast security light around the institution, hiring 24-hour administration police services as well as deploying two security patrol vehicles and motorbikes throughout the night to secure the over 12,000 students who reside off the main campus.

The dean described the victim, Isaac Ndung’u Njogu, as a very humble and ‘down to earth student’ who was a darling of his class.

Noting that Njogu hailed from a very humble background, Owuor said it was quite unfortunate that his assailants ‘killed the only hope of the deceased family’.

Njogu met his death as he was walking with a friend towards Witeithie Estate along Thika superhighway at around 1pm on Tuesday. 

According to those who witnessed the incident, Njogu was talking on the phone when they were accosted by two young men who emerged from the bush just after Vincentian Retreat Centre. When he resisted their attempt to forcibly take his phone, one of assailants stabbed him on the chest, killing him instantly.

The two thugs took his phone and crossed the highway and fled towards Tora area.

The Thika superhighway stretch between the former Castle Breweries and Witeithie has been a hotspot for criminals who waylay pedestrians either heading to or from Witeithie, especially at dawn and in the evenings.

Just recently, two twin girls were knocked by a vehicle as they were running away from their attackers at the same spot.

Those who know the area well say that majority of these attackers hail from the nearby Kiandutu slums with others coming from Witeithie Estate.

Securing the area has been calls for a concerted effort from both Thika and Juja police who need to liaise in order to manage security patrols along the highway, a gap that is well exploited by these criminals.

A 59-year old woman was murdered at Gachagi slums by what neighbours suspect was her estrange lover.

The deceased, Millicent Wanjiku, is believed to have been murdered in the wee hours of Friday morning after which her assailant vanished only for the neighbours to discover her lifeless body at daybreak.

According to the residents, her murder might be linked to some money she recently received as compensation from an insurance company following an accident she was involved in about three years ago.

The suspect, who works as a security guard in Thika Town, is said to be the said to be the one who built the house the deceased was residing.

The couple are said to have frequent argument and on this fateful night, they were heard quarreling only for them to discover the worst the following morning.

“We suspect that my mother was murdered by a man they were living with as lovers. The bone of contention between the two might be the money she received as compensation following a road accident three years ago,” explained Elizabeth Muthoni, the deceased daughter.

Muthoni regrets her mother’s death since they had often warned her against this relationship.

A village elder, Joseph Mwangangi, added that the two were living together but in some instances they would quarrel and the man who go back to his house which has rented few meters away.

The police have launched a man hunt for the middle-aged man who is still at large.

The body of the deceased is at General Kago Road Funeral Home.

Thika Town MP Patrick Wainaina engaging with students and pupils from the various schools he visited in Thika West Sub-County on Thursday.

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina is targeting to raise KES. 200 million to completely overhaul and transform all the 36 public primary and 15 day secondary schools within the constituency.

The money, according to the first time legislator, will be raised through funds from the government aided NG-CDF kitty and from companies and well-wishers under the “Public-Private Partnership” (PPP) initiative.

Speaking on Thursday during a tour to various schools within the constituency, Wainaina said that he was shocked at the deplorable state most of these schools were in and associated some of these challenges to the rate of truancy among learners and the undesirable results in national exams.

“Some of these schools lack even the very basic infrastructure such as classrooms and sanitary facilities. As much as we are very interested in the performance of these learners (in national exams), most of them are in very deplorable state, something that demotivates both learners and their teachers,” he said.

Wainaina said that his priority now was to kick-off the programme using the little money allocated to his NG-CDF account to set pace for the well-wishers to follow suit.

“With KES. 20m of our KES. 85m CDF allocation already spent on bursaries and another KES. 20m earmarked for emergencies and other logistics, the balance of KES. 45m left behind for development is not enough for all the over 50 schools. That is why we are asking our friends in the private sector for external assistance to accomplish this goal,” he noted.

“Otherwise, we have earmarked to maximise the usage of the KES 45m we have so as to set very good example by making the best out of the limited resources we have. This way we will attract more people into our ‘Adopt-A-School’ programme.”

The MP also called for a paradigm shift among the learners and teachers, challenging them to set pace for the creation of the next set of job creators and not jobseekers within their schools.

While admitting that schools were currently facing myriads of challenges, the principal Broadway High School Joseph Wanderi thanked the MP for his intervention.

He partly blamed part of the problem on an increase in enrolment especially after the government implemented the 100% primary-secondary transition of learners which his said had outstretched the capacity majority of the schools.

“The 100% transition to secondary education has outstretched the capacity in almost every day school in Thika, forcing some of us to use make-shift classrooms to accommodate the excess students,” said Wanderi who also doubles up as the chairman Thika West Principals Association.

The general observation in the schools we visited painted a very sad picture as majority of these institutions lacked most of the basic infrastructure. Students and pupils were learning in overcrowded classrooms which some cases lacked enough furniture.

Some of the secondary schools had been forced to convert dining halls and laboratory rooms into either classrooms or dormitories so as to accommodate the excess students. In some, they lacked enough sanitary facilities and were threatened with closure due to the health risks they were exposing their learners.

That notwithstanding, some of these institutions have to make do with perennial flooding due to poor drainage.

The teachers were not spared either as some lacked proper staff-rooms and administration blocks necessary for them to properly execute their duties.  

Gracious Amani with Pine Creek Records owner Peter Nduati after signing to the music label. PHOTO | COURTESY

Thirteen year-old Gracious Amani, the Githurai girl who mesmerized everyone with her melodious voice that even got the attention of American R&B singer Alicia Keys has released her first single.

Amani, who was recently signed by Pine Creek Records to a two-year-deal with a minimum pay of Sh2.5 million, has released her first single Sitasahau, a song about how she will never forget her past and will share her blessings with everyone.

During the signing of her deal with the record label on Friday, Amani said that she never thought a footage of her rendition of Alicia Keys’ Girl on fire song will go viral.

“I never thought a video of me singing would be seen by so many people including Alicia Keys herself,” she said.

“I’m very thankful to Pine Creek Records and Peter Nduati for helping me and my family get a better life through my singing. I hope the songs I release in future will be loved by Kenyans and the world.”

In her contract, the Standard Eight pupil commits that Pine Creek Records will take care of her general upkeep that includes school fees, healthcare, housing, food, clothing and security.

Being a minor, she cannot sign a work contract and will benefit from a trust set up by her mother Christine Ambuso and Pine Creek Records owner Peter Nduati.

The record label’s main focus is completion of her EP and enabling her to complete her Standard 8 studies. The label will then secure a good high school for her as they work on completion of her album.

All tenants residing in county government houses have up to end of this month (July 2018) to clear all outstanding rent arrears failure to which their tenancy will be revoked and houses repossessed without any further reference.

In a demand notice dated 13th July 2018, Kiambu County Government has given these tenants a 14-days’ notice to settle all the accrued arrears, otherwise the devolved government will have no option but to repossess these houses and re-allocate (Read: evict) them.

Consequently, the county government has warned the current tenants against transferring or subletting county houses saying that doing so without following due process will be null and void.

“It is illegal to irregularly transfer, trade in or sublet any county rented houses. Any transfer without following the due process including payment of the requisite fees is un-procedural, null and void, such transfers will be revoked,” read part of the notice signed by the Thika Sub-County Finance Officer Samuel Muthondu.

Ofafa, Starehe, Jamhuri, Ziwani, Kimathi and Majengo Teachers Quarters are some of the county houses in Thika.

Others are UTI, Magoko, Haile Selassie, Depot Staff Houses and Chania Water Treatment Work Houses.

One person was wounded during a robbery attack at the Thika main slaughterhouse on Monday morning.

According to eyewitnesses, the gang of four stormed the abattoir in two motorbikes some minutes to midday brandishing an AK-47 rifle and a pistol, specifically targeting two particular traders who happen to be cousins.

Upon accessing the compound, they shot severally in the air causing those within the compound to scamper for safety and lock themselves inside the abattoir.

It is alleged that they managed to catch up with one of their targets and robbed him about sh. 200,000.

The victim is said to have been caught up in the melee and was hit in the stomach by a stray bullet as the gang sped off on the motorbikes towards Garissa Road.

It is understood that police officers who were on patrol in Makongeni area pursued the thugs towards Landless area and with assistance from members of public and bodaboda riders, they located the thugs at Jerusalem area.

“When things got hot, the thugs abandoned their bikes and ran on foot with police and wananchi in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, they managed to dodge the police and vanish towards Salama area,” narrated one of the eyewitnesses.

Police condoned off the area though it is suspected that they managed to escape towards Munyu village where they are believed to be holed up.

Confirming the incident, Thika West OCPD Willy Simba said that they were following crucial leads that might help apprehend the culprits.

He added that the victim was rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital and his condition is fair.

“We have recovered the two bikes and are still pursuing leads that we believe that will help us nab the culprits. We promise the members of public that we will definitely apprehend them,” said Simba.

Some of the residents we spoke to in Gatuanyaga associated the thugs to particular gang of  six that has been terrorising Landless, Muguga and Kamagambo residents recently.

Over the past two weeks, the area has been rocked in a spate of violent robberies, the most recent one being just last week where a hardware trader was robbed sh. 600,000 at gunpoint in Muguga Trading Centre before the thugs fled in motorbikes.

On Sunday, the same group unsuccessfully attempted to rob Ecomatt  Supermarket in Landless estate.

The situation early Sunday afternoon after angry residents blocked the Thika superhighway following the death of a 70-year old woman who was knocked dead by a speeding matatu as she attempted to cross the road.
A pedestrian was knocked dead at Njomoko area on Sunday afternoon by a speeding matatu along Thika superhighway.

The victim, a female adult aged about 70 years, suffered serious injuries died on the spot.

Confirming the incident, Thika West OCPD Willy Simba said that the accident involving a 14-seater matatu Registration Number KCK 356C belonging to KAMUNA SACCO occurred at around 13.30 hrs.

He added that the PSV matatu, which was headed to Nyeri when the accident occurred hit the old lady as she was crossing the road from Ngoingwa direction.

Nobody in the matatu was injured.

“We are going to arraign this driver, one Duncan Mwangi Kuria, in court tomorrow and charge him with the death of the victim. Otherwise, her body has been moved to General Kago Road Funeral 
Home awaiting postmortem,” said Simba.

The vehicle has been detained at Thika Police Station awaiting for inspection.

The accident caused outrage among the residents who blocked the road in protest. The residents said were fed up with the increased accidents due to speeding vehicles despite the government promise to put up a footbridge in the area.

“The construction works for this footbridge is taking too long as our people continue to die here. This is unacceptable and we request our leaders to follow up the matter and ensure that the work is expedited,” said one bodaboda operator who works at the junction of Thika and Mang’u roads.

(Related story: Why Njomoko, Witeithie footbridges will cost the taxpayer a whooping KES. 430m.)

The protests caused a major traffic snarl up along the highway, Nyeri bound, but the situation was later contained by the Thika police who cleared the road.

The much awaited construction of Thika Road footbridges got underway with the commencement of the construction works at Witeithie and Mang’u (Njomoko) by the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) in March this year.

These two are among the four additional footbridges scheduled to be installed on the busy superhighway at a total cost of KES. 820 million.

Police officers from Juja have nabbed uninspected chicken meat valued at Ksh 107,450 and arrested four people in an illegal slaughter house at Malaba Area in Witeithie location.

According to Juja Sub-County AP commandant, Doreen Gitonga, the officers were acting on a tip off from members of public who informed them of the illicit activities.

“Our officers who were on patrol in the area alerted by the public that some people were slaughtering chicken in unauthorised premises. They raided the place and arrested 4 men who already slaughtered 307 chickens worth over Ksh. 107, 450,” said the DAPC.

The meat is said to be destined for Nairobi.

She said that it was very unfortunate that the place was unhygienic and lacked basic necessities such as water notwithstanding that those doing the work bore no relevant medical documents.

“This meat is unfit for human consumption. We wish to appeal to members of the public to be extra vigilant especially when buying flesh and always buy from reputable butcheries. It is also advisable ensure the same is dully inspected,” said Ms. Gitonga.

Witeithie ward Public Health Officer, Clement Waweru who was accompanied by his Juja counterpart Peter Kiarie, confirmed that the chicken had not been inspected and were being un-hygienically ferried in dirty bags thus making them unfit for human consumption.

“Meat is not supposed to be carried in bags but rather in meat boxes or crates. We have condemned all this meat and will be disposed,” said the PHO. 

He appealed to members of the public to ensure the meat they consumed was inspected and had a genuine official stamp.

The suspects were booked at Juja police station and will be arraigned in court Monday.

 Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji
The office of the DPP has recommended prosecution each and every one of the following persons jointly/severally for irregularly awarding labour and transport contracts to 33 companies, which were not qualified, and the some companies were assigned work severally with clear criteria.



The following suspects will be charged with several offences which include: 

• Abuse of office 

• Willful failure to comply with the law relating to procurement 

• Conspiracy to commit an offence of economic crime 

• Willful failure to comply with the law relating to management of public funds

1. Dr. Ken Tarus – Managing Director & CEO KPLC

2. Harun Karisa – Acting General Manager, Finance

3. Eng. Daniel Tare – General Manager, Network Management

4. Eng. Noah Ogano Omondi – Manager, Network Management

5. Eng. Daniel Ochieng Muga – Acting General Manager Supply Chain

6. Eng. John Mwaura Njehia – Manager, Labour and Transport Projects

7. James Muriuki – Chief Accountant

8. Bernard Githui Muturi – Tender Opening Committee

9. Ass. Eng. Evelyne Pauline Amondi - Tender Opening Committee



The following suspects will be charged with the offence of fraudulent acquisition of public property.

1. Catherine Wamarwa Mwangi – Director, Millers Enterprises

2. Catherine Wanjiku Njuguna - Director, Millers Enterprises

3. Christine Nyawara - Director, Millers Enterprises

4. Edwin Macharia Ngamini - Director, Millers Enterprises

5. Millers Enterprises

6. Catherine Wambui – Director, Kazimix Enterprises

7. Jackliine Mbaria - Director, Kazimix Enterprises

8. John Waweru Kang’ethe - Director, Kazimix Enterprises

9. Kazimix Enterprises

10. Susan Wanjiru Kamau – Director, Petsus Investments Limited

11. Linet Njeri Ndama - Director, Petsus Investments Limted

12. Petsus Investments Limted

13. Jason Morara Kiriri – Director, Jake Building and Construction Limited

14. Jeremiah Onduko - Director, Jake Building and Construction Limited

15. Jane Wanjiku Kingori - Director, Jake Building and Construction Limited

16. James Ongechi Kirere - Director, Jake Building and Construction Limited

17. Jake Building and Construction Limited

18. Richard Muchimi Wairagu – Director, Thotec Agencies

19. Elizabeth Wambui Michure - Director, Thotec Agencies

20. Thotec Agencies

21. Stephen Njoroge Maina – Director, Wachema Investment Limited

22. Alice Wanjiku Chege - Director, Wachema Investment Limited

23. Raphael Mathiri Wanjiku - Director, Wachema Investment Limited

24. Wachema Investment Limited

25. Hillary Njaramba – Director, Touchline Electrical Limited

26. Esther Nyambura - Director, Touchline Electrical Limited

27. Touchline Electrical Limited

28. Petty Wanjiku Kigwe – Director, Mint Ventures Limited

29. Francis Thuku Chege - Director, Mint Ventures Limited

30. Mint Ventures Limited

31. Samuel Gichina Njogu – Director, Appenco Holding Limited

32. Charles Muthui Mathenge - Director, Appenco Holding Limited

33. Appenco Holding Limited

Kianjau Assistant Chief John Karanja shares a cake with some of the youth assimilated into Susan Gitau Counseling Foundation life skills training programme. Looking on is Susan Gitau (extreme left).

A local chief and a counsellor have embarked on a programme aimed at preventing slum youth from joining engaging in crime by helping them engage in social activities that might earn them some decent living.

Kianjau Assistant Chief John Karanja and Counseling Psychologist Susan Gitau have joined hands in an initiative aimed at empowering the youth from Kiandutu slums through training and counseling in a bid to prevent them from crime and drug use.

While speaking on Friday at the Kiandutu Police Post where over 20 youth who either used to peddle or and abuse drugs were enrolled to Susan Gitau Counseling Foundation, Madam Susan said that their aim was to provide them with a life skills training programme so as to build resilience and reduce anti-social behaviour.

“It takes a heart of compassion to set free young desperate slum youth dwellers to change their ways before they get arrested and much better to provide a better alternative. These youth will undergo hair and beauty courses as well as courses in baking and pastry among others, at our institution free of charge,” she said.

She highlighted the importance of providing activities that develop mechanisms to mitigate youth vulnerabilities associated with crime and drug use and thanked the area assistant chief for his role in identifying potential beneficiaries who would otherwise have ended up wrecking their lives in crime.

“To prevent our youth from getting into trouble with the law, it’s important to understand the reasons why most them engage in crime in the first place. Poverty is one of the key factors that turns an innocent kid into a hardened criminal. We need to arrest that through empowerment programmes that will break the yoke of poverty amongst our people,” she noted.

Susan appealed to other well-wishers and persons of goodwill to support her efforts in getting more youths in Thika to live a drug-free, crime-free life.

For the last few years, youth from the slum and vulnerable backgrounds have been undergoing free training courses at Africana College of Professionals in Thika courtesy of the Susan Gitau Counseling Foundation.

Over 40% of criminal gangs in the country are children under the age of 18 with almost a quarter being young girls from poor backgrounds.

These gangs are highly prevalent throughout the country, especially in slum setups with some getting recruited into criminal gang while being as young as 9 years old. These kids get motivated to join gangs for protection, feeling a sense of belonging, giving in to peer pressure, or to make money.

Children most at risk of gang involvement often grow up in an area with heavy gang activity, have a family member in a gang, suffer from low self-esteem, or have too much unstructured or unsupervised free time.

Former Kilome MP Regina Ndambuki who has been appointed as a Member of the National Government Affirmative Action Fund.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday, July 13 announced new appointments of persons who will serve the nation as heads of state corporations and members of various management boards.

Consequently, the president has also revoked Raphael Tuju’s appointment as Chairperson of the Board of Lake Basin Development Authority replacing him with Cavince Odoyo Owidi.

Others shown the door include Amb. Francis K. Muthaura, Mugambi Imanyara and Pradeep Paunrana.

The appointments take effect immediately for a period of three (3) years unless otherwise stated.

Here is the full list of the new appointees:-  

1. David Were – Chairperson Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) for a period of three (3) years

2. Immanuel Ichor Imana – Chairperson Kenya International Convention Centre Board.

3. Jackson Kiptanui – Chairman Kerio Valley Development Authority.

4. Linda Musumba – Chairperson of the Board of Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis.

5. Ken Wathome Mwatu – Chairperson National Standards Council (up to 16th January, 2021). The appointment of Mugambi Imanyara revoked*.

6. Joel Kitili – Chairperson Board of the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation.

7. Samuel Mwongera Arachi – Chairman Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority.

8. Cavince Odoyo Owidi – Non-Executive Chairperson of the Board of Lake Basin Development Authority (up to 23rd June, 2019).  The appointment of Raphael Tuju revoked*.

9. Agnes Mantaine Pareiyo – Chairperson of the Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Board (for a period of six years)

10. Titus Ibui – Chairperson LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority (up to 15th February, 2019). The appointment of Amb. Francis K. Muthaura revoked*

11. Linus Gitahi – Non-Executive Chairperson of the Brand Kenya Board. The appointment of Chris Kirubi revoked*.

12. Kathleen Openda – Chairperson Council of the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

13. Patrick Wahoro Ndohho – Chairperson of the National Sports Fund Board of Trustees.

14. Regina Ndambuki – Member of the National Government Affirmative Action Fund.

15. Flora Mutahi – Chairperson of the Anti-Counterfeit Agency Board. The appointment of Pradeep 
Paunrana revoked*.

16. Joe Owaka Ager – Chairperson of the Placement Board for the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS)

17. Khadija M. Awale – Chairperson of the National Council for Children Services.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi.
Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has announced transfers of County and Regional commissioners in a move meant to enhance management of security in the country.

North Eastern Regional Commissioner Mohamud Saleh has been moved to Harambee House as the new Director of Reforms at the Interior Ministry.

The new Regional Commissioner for North Eastern is Mohamed Birik, who formerly worked in Kirinyaga County as County Commissioner.
Samson Ojwang becomes the County Commissioner in Kirinyaga County, while Ahmed Omar is the County Commissioner for Elgeyo Marakwet.
Abdullahi Hiddi will take over as the County Commissioner for Machakos County.
Here is the full list of the changes:-

Meanwhile, changes have also been made within the National Police Service.
Douglas Kanja is the new General Service Unit Commandant in changes affecting several police officers.
Kanja takes over from Stephen Chelimo, who has retired from the service after attaining the mandatory age.
Central regional police commander Francis Munyambu has been moved to Rift Valley in the same capacity with Solomon Makau taking his position.
Makau was in the same capacity in the Rift Valley region.
Josephat Kirimi is the new commander of the Presidential Escort Unit, from commanding officer the elite Recce Company.
The changes have been termed as routine, only meant to enhance service delivery.
In the changes, former long-serving personal assistant to Inspector General of Police Patrick Tito was named the commandant of the Diplomatic Police Unit.
Tito replaced Charles Mwau who drowned in floods in April 2018 in Makueni. 

Kanze Dena takes over the Head of PSCU in an acting capacity.
President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday made changes to his Cabinet.
CS Peter Munya has been moved from the Ministry of East Africa Community to Trade and Industry switching dockets with CS Adan Mohamed.
Devolution Principal Secretary Nelson Marwa has been moved to Senior Citizen Protection while Arts and Culture PS Joe Okudo has been moved to Tourism.
Tourism PS Fatuma Hirsi has been moved to Broadcasting.
Former Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) boss Sarah Serem, Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu and ex-Kenya Air Force Commander Maj Gen Samuel Thuita have been appointed as ambassadors, subject to vetting by Parliament.
Former Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena will take over the Spokesperson job in an acting capacity.
George Ochillo Ayacko, Chris Mburu and Benjamin Lang'at have also been named as envoys.
Here are the changes as announced on Friday:-
Prinicpal Secretaries :-
1. Joe Okudo - PS Tourism
2. Dr. Margaret W Mwakima - Wildlife ;
3. Dr. Ibrahim M Mohammed - Labour;
4. Mrs Fatma Hirsi - Broadcasting & Telecommunications;
5. Prof. Micheni Ntiba - Fisheries & Blue Economy.
6. Nelson Marwa - Senior Citizen Protection.
7. Francis Owino - Youth.
8. Ms Esther Koimett - Transport.
9. Paul Mwangi Maringa - Public Works.
Nominated as Ambassadors & High Commissioners :-
1.Sarah Serem
2. Lt. Gen Samuel Thuita
3. Francis Ndegwa Muhoro
4. Manoah Esipisu
5. Hon. George Ochillo Ayacko
6. Amb Peter Nicholas Oginga Ogego
7. Johnson Mogo Ondieki
8. Chris Karumba Mburu
9. Hon. Benjamin Langat
Nominated as Administrative Secretaries :-
Hon Simon Kachapin - Energy
Prof. Collette A Suda - Education as Chief & Principal Secretary in charge of The State Department for University Education.

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