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FULL LIST of the 9 KPLC Officers, 33 others to be arrested over fake tenders

 Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji
The office of the DPP has recommended prosecution each and every one of the following persons jointly/severally for irregularly awarding labour and transport contracts to 33 companies, which were not qualified, and the some companies were assigned work severally with clear criteria.



The following suspects will be charged with several offences which include: 

• Abuse of office 

• Willful failure to comply with the law relating to procurement 

• Conspiracy to commit an offence of economic crime 

• Willful failure to comply with the law relating to management of public funds

1. Dr. Ken Tarus – Managing Director & CEO KPLC

2. Harun Karisa – Acting General Manager, Finance

3. Eng. Daniel Tare – General Manager, Network Management

4. Eng. Noah Ogano Omondi – Manager, Network Management

5. Eng. Daniel Ochieng Muga – Acting General Manager Supply Chain

6. Eng. John Mwaura Njehia – Manager, Labour and Transport Projects

7. James Muriuki – Chief Accountant

8. Bernard Githui Muturi – Tender Opening Committee

9. Ass. Eng. Evelyne Pauline Amondi - Tender Opening Committee



The following suspects will be charged with the offence of fraudulent acquisition of public property.

1. Catherine Wamarwa Mwangi – Director, Millers Enterprises

2. Catherine Wanjiku Njuguna - Director, Millers Enterprises

3. Christine Nyawara - Director, Millers Enterprises

4. Edwin Macharia Ngamini - Director, Millers Enterprises

5. Millers Enterprises

6. Catherine Wambui – Director, Kazimix Enterprises

7. Jackliine Mbaria - Director, Kazimix Enterprises

8. John Waweru Kang’ethe - Director, Kazimix Enterprises

9. Kazimix Enterprises

10. Susan Wanjiru Kamau – Director, Petsus Investments Limited

11. Linet Njeri Ndama - Director, Petsus Investments Limted

12. Petsus Investments Limted

13. Jason Morara Kiriri – Director, Jake Building and Construction Limited

14. Jeremiah Onduko - Director, Jake Building and Construction Limited

15. Jane Wanjiku Kingori - Director, Jake Building and Construction Limited

16. James Ongechi Kirere - Director, Jake Building and Construction Limited

17. Jake Building and Construction Limited

18. Richard Muchimi Wairagu – Director, Thotec Agencies

19. Elizabeth Wambui Michure - Director, Thotec Agencies

20. Thotec Agencies

21. Stephen Njoroge Maina – Director, Wachema Investment Limited

22. Alice Wanjiku Chege - Director, Wachema Investment Limited

23. Raphael Mathiri Wanjiku - Director, Wachema Investment Limited

24. Wachema Investment Limited

25. Hillary Njaramba – Director, Touchline Electrical Limited

26. Esther Nyambura - Director, Touchline Electrical Limited

27. Touchline Electrical Limited

28. Petty Wanjiku Kigwe – Director, Mint Ventures Limited

29. Francis Thuku Chege - Director, Mint Ventures Limited

30. Mint Ventures Limited

31. Samuel Gichina Njogu – Director, Appenco Holding Limited

32. Charles Muthui Mathenge - Director, Appenco Holding Limited

33. Appenco Holding Limited

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