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59-year old woman murdered in Gachagi.

A 59-year old woman was murdered at Gachagi slums by what neighbours suspect was her estrange lover.

The deceased, Millicent Wanjiku, is believed to have been murdered in the wee hours of Friday morning after which her assailant vanished only for the neighbours to discover her lifeless body at daybreak.

According to the residents, her murder might be linked to some money she recently received as compensation from an insurance company following an accident she was involved in about three years ago.

The suspect, who works as a security guard in Thika Town, is said to be the said to be the one who built the house the deceased was residing.

The couple are said to have frequent argument and on this fateful night, they were heard quarreling only for them to discover the worst the following morning.

“We suspect that my mother was murdered by a man they were living with as lovers. The bone of contention between the two might be the money she received as compensation following a road accident three years ago,” explained Elizabeth Muthoni, the deceased daughter.

Muthoni regrets her mother’s death since they had often warned her against this relationship.

A village elder, Joseph Mwangangi, added that the two were living together but in some instances they would quarrel and the man who go back to his house which has rented few meters away.

The police have launched a man hunt for the middle-aged man who is still at large.

The body of the deceased is at General Kago Road Funeral Home.

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