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MP launches “Egg Monday” programme to be rolled out in all public primary schools.

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina having fun with Kenyatta Primary School pupils as they enjoyed eating some eggs during the launch of the "Egg Monday" Programme.

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina has begun a programme to feed all public primary school learners with an egg each beginning next term.

Dubbed “Egg Monday”, the programme is part of the MP’s 2017 campaign pledges aimed at not only boosting the pupils’ nutrition, but also economically empowering their parents since these eggs will be supplied by the parents from chicken reared locally, every Monday of the week.

Speaking during the launch at Kenyatta Primary School on Friday, Wainaina noted that the programme will help attract children in difficult environments to access school and is an effective strategy of ensuring retention of pupils in schools and improving on performance in national exams.

“All pupils within Thika will be eating an egg each every Monday supplied to school by their own parents. This is aimed at improving school enrolment as well as adding some nutritional value to the learners in school,” said the MP.

Wainaina noted that the programme will help attract children in difficult environments to access school and remain there to get an education.

More than 21,000 children will benefit from the programme once it is rolled out to all the 32 public primary schools within the constituency.

“The programme integrates the nutritional and commercial approach due to its emphasis on supply and value chain management. As much as I am committed to fighting malnutrition and improving health status of school children, I am also aiming to support my constituents through creating a ready market for their eggs,” he said.

The legislator reiterated his commitment to providing the infrastructure and logistical needs of educational institutions to enhance academic work.

He appealed to Thika residents to group themselves in clusters and take advantage of opportunities such as this one for this was the only way they would be guaranteed of fast economic empowerment.

“With these groups, we will be able to generate income and business opportunities through creating synergies and smart networks 

School Headteacher Francis Chege Wanyoike acknowledged the importance of the programme saying that it would go a long way in curbing truancy in schools as it had been designed to encourage attendance and retention of pupils in school.

“If a child absents themselves from school without any apparent reason, they will be denied their share of an egg on that following Monday. This way, every child will ensure they report to school daily so as to avoid such a punishment. As a result, the education standards in our schools will improve,” said Mr. Chege.

Chege also appreciated that by parents being the sole suppliers of these eggs, this help them to be able to provide the very basic needs to their children which has not been the case.

“So many parents have been facing challenges in providing basic needs such as food and uniforms to their children. If they are empowered, they will be in a position to do so and also assist the schools in some of the development projects,” he said.

Jungle Women Empowerment Group (JWE) was the first beneficiaries of the programme having provided the 2,464 eggs that were supplied to Kenyatta Primary School during the launch.

“We appreciate this programme as it has guaranteed us some steady income through the provision of a ready market in schools. This will improve our standards of living,” said Rachael Wanjiku (Shebesh), a member of JWE.

Her colleague, Jane Murimi, challenged men and women in Thika to take full advantage of this opportunity to form self-help groups as the demand for the eggs will be so high upon the rolling out of the programme.

“No one can afford to be left behind in this programme. Other than selling eggs to schools, there will be numerous other opportunities to those who will be in groups,” said Ms. Murimi.

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