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Why Njomoko, Witeithie footbridges will cost the taxpayer a whooping KES. 430m.

The artistic impression of the Mangu (Njomoko) footbridge. KeNHA will also construct a bus stop, public toilets and mini stalls that will be continuously maintained by the contractor.

The much awaited construction of Thika Road footbridges has finally gotten underway with the commencement of the construction works at Witeithie and Mang’u (Njomoko) by the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA).

These two are among the four additional footbridges scheduled to be installed on the busy superhighway at a total cost of KES. 820 million.

While speaking to the press during a familiarisation tour by Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina at Njomoko, Mr. Stephen Murimi the Assistant Site Manager, Interways Works Limited said that the construction works were expected to be complete by December this year.  

Interways Works Limited is the company awarded the contract to construct both the Witeithie and Mang’u footbridges at a cost of KES. 215 each.

The other two footbridges are being erected at Survey of Kenya just before the junction to Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS) and Garden Estate Junction by Fourway Construction Limited at a cost of Sh390 million.

Different Design.

Murimi noted that the two projects were different from the previous footbridges as the will include among other, 2 service lanes and 2 pedestrian footpaths (one on each end of the bridge), bus stops, shops and sanitary facilities (toilets).

“Unlike in the previous footbridges, these ones will include various facilities which are very essential but were lacking in the original ones. They will be made mainly of concrete, they are wider and the design will be more functional to facilitate the movement of both the pedestrians and cyclists,” said Murimi.

He added that the new inclusions were meant to attract pedestrians to the footbridges thus encourage their usage.

Thika MP expressed his gratitude to KeNHA for responding to the concerns of Thika residents as so many people had lost their lives or gotten maimed as they attempted to cross this section of the highway. He was happy with the design too as it would attract more pedestrians into using the bridge.
 Stephen Murimi (third left) taking Thika Town MP Patrick Wainaina (second left) through the design and construction works on the Njomoko footbridge which is under construction.

“This footbridge is long overdue and we are happy that it is coming up now. The inclusion of other essential facilities will enhance security and hence attract more businesses around this area,” said Wainaina.

The legislator pointed out that the new project was in line with his vision of Thika being converted into a 24-hour economy.

“These facility will have floodlights meaning that they have included a 24-hour business concept into the project. This is encouraging and will attract businesses to thrive around this point,” he said.

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