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KNUT branches from Mt. Kenya Region call for Sossion’s dismissal as union boss.

Thika KNUT Branch Executive Secretary Joe Mungai Ngige

A section of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) branches from the Mount Kenya region now wants their Secretary General Wilson Sossion removed from office and immediately replaced by ‘a more competent unionist’.

This comes after a section of teachers from Kiambu and Nairobi camped at KNUT headquarters last week demanding his resignation.

Led by the Thika branch Executive Secretary Joe Mungai Ngige, the teachers expressed their dissatisfaction in Sossion’s leadership saying that his leadership style had disintegrated the union on tribal lines.

Mungai noted that very many teachers had deregistered from the giant union ever since Sossion assumed office citing raw deals and poor operations. He added that Sossion was solely to blame for the disquiet in KNUT whom he accused of holding five gainful jobs including operating educational international office in Ghana and which he said was not of any benefit to a Kenyan teacher.

Mungai said although KNUT had permanently employed Sossion to push for the interest of Kenyan teachers; his opportunistic tendencies and love for being a jack of all trades had incapacitated his mandates.

“We are asking the government to consider Sossion for a tourism ambassador’s job. His daily flights to Japan, Austraria, Ghana and other counties fit him best to hold such an office. He is however very incompetent to hold a Knut office whose role is to push for the welfare of Kenyan teachers,” he said.

He refuted claims by Sossion that they had been funded by statehouse and Teachers Service Commission to fight for his removal.

“We have not been paid to fight you Sossion, we are only fed up with your incompetent operations and disuniting our members against tribal cocoons,” said Mungai.

The Thika boss accused Sossion of being disinterested in teacher’s welfare, lamenting that, under Sossion’s leadership, Kenyan teachers had lost all the gains from the 1997 KNUT-Government agreement leaving them in a worse situation than before.

“Instead of continuing to lose all the deals, Sossion should pack and leave his office immediately for a better replacement,” he observed.

Mungai who accused Sossion for remaining silent as teachers continued to suffer said that teachers’ delocalisation and introduction of teacher’s appraisal ought to have been discussed before implementation.

“The newly employed teachers ought to have been posted in those far-off areas but since Sossion did not engage the government prior implementation of teachers’ delocalisation, teachers continue to wail over harsh transfers,” he said.

Sossion was last year deregistered as a teacher by TSC among 11 other unionists who joined politics after his nomination to parliament by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)

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