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MP irked by leaders sabotaging his projects in the name of politics.

A photo grid showing the sequence of events during the launching of the Matathia Primary School water borehole by Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina.

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina has challenged leaders, both elected and those who lost in the August 2017 General Elections, to forget their political differences and join hands in serving the electorate.

Speaking in Matathia Primary School in Ngoliba Ward after commissioning the newly rehabilitated school water borehole project had had stalled for over three years, the MP noted that it was quite unfortunate that some leaders were suffering from the electioneering hangovers to a point of fighting development projects being started or revived by those they perceived as rivals.

“The time of politics is over. What remains is to implement development projects in every corner of our constituency. It is time for leaders to change the lives of the people. Wanjiku is not interested on which leader does what but is interested on service delivery,” said Wainaina.

The legislator was reacting to an early morning incident where a local politician had hired some drunken youth to disrupt his function purporting that water provision was a devolved function and therefore those in the county government were the ones supposed to commission the project.

“This shove and push over whose responsibility is where doesn’t help anyone and will only dip up deeper into the dark days of political fights with no tangible benefit to our people,” he added.

Wainaina pointed out that he will not be cowed by any leader and he would endeavour to push for the betterment of his constituents regardless of where the help came from. He vowed to only work with like-minded leaders, urging wananchi to be wary of any leader who divided them through petty political rhetoric.

“It is unfortunate to see some leaders here talking about the 2022 politics. Let me remind them that in 2022, everyone will be judged on what they delivered to the people not the number of goons they were able to hire in order to jeopardise their opponents,” he said.

The MP promised to channel some of the water pumped from the borehole to the homes around Matathia and also revive all other stalled water projects in Thika East Sub-County so as to ensure that every home accessed adequate clean and safe drinking water.

He reiterated his earlier promise to start water harvesting projects in schools so as to take advantage of rain water for both domestic use and irrigation purposes.

The Matathia borehole has a capacity to pump about 5,000 m³ of water per day.

According to the MP’s Minister of water Eng. John Muchiri, the project stalled in the year 2015 and the MP, through Jungle Foundation, took the initiative to revive it in the year 2017.

“We have been working through in partnership with THIWASCO and the school to see that this project starts functioning again. We have already replaced the diesel pump with an electric one and yesterday we installed a transformer that can supply enough energy to supply water to all the surrounding homes,” said Muchiri.

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