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THIWASCO announces water interruption in Thika.

Water supply will be temporarily interrupted in some parts of Thika Town on Thursday.

In a circular to the press and signed by their Managing Director Eng. Moses Kinya, Thika Water & Sewerage Company (THIWASCO), announced the water service interruption on Thursday March 8 between 9am and 9pm to facilitate the installation of a new additional water pump.

The areas to be affected by this outage are Thika Town and its environs of Ngoingwa, Witeithie, Landless, Gatuanyaga, Maki, Bendor and all other areas served by the water provider.

“We would like to inform all our esteemed customers that there will be an interruption of water supply to the consumers in Thika Town on Thursday March 8 between 9am and 9pm. We therefore advice all our customers to reserve and use water sparingly before and during the period of interruption,” read part of the notice.

The circular added that the company was also embarking on a programme to replace all defective, stalled and non-functional consumer meters.

Phasing out meters which are not accurate or not counting at all will ensure that all their clients were billed on the actual quantity of water consumed, eliminate estimate bills and ensure that they reduced the levels of non-revenue water (NRW).

Danco Capital Limited has already been contracted with the tender to replace faulty consumer meters.

“We request all those affected to give Danco maximum cooperation through allowing them access to the said meters,” read the notice.

To assure clients of their safety, THIWASCO said that all Danco staff will carry out the exercise with their staff identity cards and uniform notwithstanding an official letter requesting the client to give them access to the affected meters.

All customers are requested to liaise with THIWASCO offices for any clarification or queries.

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