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Shocking Revelations about vegetarians vis a vis meat eaters.

A controversial study has suggested that vegetarians are more at risk of physical and mental illness than flesh eaters despite leading healthier lifestyles.

The study conducted by the Medical University of Graz in Austria found that vegetarians were less likely to go to the doctor for check-ups and vaccines and were more prone to allergies, cancer and mental illness.

This research contradicts previous studies that have suggested red meat is linked to a range of health problems, including bowel cancer.

Using data obtained from the Austrian Health Interview Survey, researchers examined the dietary habits and lifestyle differences between meat-eaters and vegetarians.

The study defined the vegetarian diet as a low consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, due to a higher intake of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain foods.

They matched 1320 subjects according to their age, sex, and socioeconomic status. These included 330 vegetarians, 330 who ate meat but still consumed a lot of fruit and veg, 300 regular eaters who ate less meat, and 330 heavy meat-eaters.

Results indicated that despite the vegetarians drinking less alcohol and having lower BMI, they were still in worse physical and mental condition than their meat-eating counterparts.

The research showed that non-meat eaters have double the risk of allergies and a 50% increased risk of heart attacks and cancer. They are also significantly more likely to experience depression and anxiety.

However, the research did reveal that vegetarians tend to be healthier in some ways. It showed that they are usually more active and that they consume less alcohol. They are also less likely to smoke and tend to have lower BMIs.

The research also revealed that people of high socioeconomic status are more likely to be vegetarian.

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