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Thika IDPs receive Ksh 50.000 each as part of state compensation.

A section of the close to 700 Integrated IDP's who reside in Thika going through a list bearing their names with Counseling Psychologist Susan Gitau at International Professional Counselors Centre offices in Thika on Saturday.

The government has disbursed close to Ksh 5million for the resettlement of over 700 integrated internally displaced persons (IDPs) who are reside in Thika Sub County.  The IDP's through Kianjau Welfare IDP Group leadership confirmed that some of their members were compensated with Ksh 50,000 each, towards the end of last year.The government has being working with the assistance of county administrators to compensate the IDPs after finalising the audit of the list of the integrated IDPs after which their names were compiled.
Expressing her gratitude while speaking to Thika Town Today, Dr. Susan Gitau of International Professional Counselors Centre  (IPCC) one of the institutions which has being spearheading counseling and therapy sessions for the IDP's said "Today am all smiles because the Government through the County Government of Nyeri has honored IDPs living in Thika with each Ksh. 50,000. My heart is full of joy I have been with these people since 2008 begging for food, clothes, school fees, even though the amount of money may appear small, its my hope it will go a long in helping out those who have received it, as we continue appealing on the state to expedite the disbursement of the remaining amount,".

Despite the government showing intent to resettle internally displaced persons in the country, several groups of IDP’S have on several occasions raised concerns over delayed disbursement of funds earmarked for their compensation.

"Although my colleagues have received the Ksh 50,000, we are yet to receive any thing, as a matter of fact when word went around that this money had being disbursed, we followed the matter through our the Kianjau Welfare IDP Group only to be told that our names were either missing from the original list or some of our colleagues are already deceased  to be done to see that they have gotten their share of money", quips Hannah Wanjiru  one of the IDPs who is yet to receive her compensation.

Thika has 640 registered households under the integrated IDP programme the group of IDPs are still accommodated in cheap rental houses in slums and people's homes across the sub-county. As the government settled those IDPs who were living in camps, this lot was overlooked as they were not in the public limelight due to their ‘secondary’ accommodation thus it was very easy for the authorities to sweep their plight under the carpet.
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