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Murdered University Student’s Family Wants Police To Apprehend His Killers.

The family of a 20-year old Chuka University 2nd year student who was gruesomely murdered by unknown assailants over the weekend is calling on the police to do everything humanly possible to unravel the mystery behind his murder.

While yet to come to terms with this unfortunate incident, the family is demanding for answers as to how the matter is being casually handled, notwithstanding the fact that no arrests has been made so far.

Body of Simon Gitei Waweru, was found lying within some grasses in a plain field near Rukoroi village, Kiunyu Sub-location of Gatanga Constituency on Saturday morning. 

According to the information gathered from the family, Gitei left their Muthanduku-ini home with two of his friends on Friday evening for Kiunyu village, less than 5km away. They are said to have enjoyed a meal together before they took some beer from a local bar, all paid for by the deceased.

At around 8pm, they set off for home where according to them, they were attacked by unknown assailants in Rurii area of Rukoroi village. They are all said to have fled to different direction only for Gitei’s friends to come to his home at around 10pm to inquire if he had reported home.

The following morning, they came again and asked if he did come home the previous night and after they were responded to the negative, they just left without a word.

A while later, the two boys are said to have discovered his lifeless body in the field and went to report the matter to their area assistant chief, who happens to be one of the boy’s father.

Gitei’s uncle, Bishop Peter Mwaura Chege, says that said he received the heart-breaking news that morning from his sister who lives in Mang’u village in Kiambu County, something that still disturbs him to this moment.

“One of these two boys called my sister to break the bad news. This is odd and very unusual since, as the people who live here, we would have been the first people to be informed. Why didn’t they come home to break the bad news,” asked Mwaura.

He suspects the involvement of the two who had accompanied Gitei in the night of his death.

“From our home and the scene where Gitei’s body was discovered is just a 5 minutes’ walk from our home. Why didn’t they come to inform us first before going to the chief’s office? Why did they first call my sister who lives all the way in Mang’u instead of coming home?” he asked.

Mwaura is still puzzled by the fact that Gitei was found in possession of one of his friend’s phone in his pocket.

“In his pockets, we found Kamau’s (one of the two boys that had accompanied him on the fateful night) cellphone. However, even though we found all his documents intact, Gitei’s phone was missing,” he said.

The deceased’s elder brother, John Chege Waweru explains that postmortem report indicate that Gitei died of head and chest injuries which might have been caused by a blow using a blunt object.

“The postmortem shows that he had been hit on the left side of his skull causing blood to clot on the right side of the brain. He also had injuries on his chest and the kneecap,” he explains.

He is now calling on the authorities to grill Gitei’s friends so as to ascertain what they know about the circumstances that led to his death.

The body of the deceased is lying at General Kago Road Funeral Home in Thika. 

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