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Bed Bugs Wreck Havoc In Gacagi Village.

A resident of Gacagi Village Thika holding part of her mattress before a fumigation exercise.
Bedbugs have become a menace in many homes in Gacagi Village. Lately, residents of Gacagi Village, Thika have reported an increase in bed bug infestations in their surroundings. Even though Bed bugs are known for centuries to have dwelled in rich people homes because of favourable conditions they are no longer a preserve of the poor.

Although bed bugs feed on blood, there is no information confirming that they spread diseases. However, their bites are unpleasant and cause skin irritation. Bed bugs can infest your whole house from any upholstered furniture to mattresses and even your clothes. They are difficult to spot during the day as they are nocturnal creatures.

With the improvement of living standards these little guys are common guest to many homes.The County Government of Kiambu and relevant authorities should step in and help the people of Gacagi Village so that they can live in peace.

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