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AIBU: Thika DJs top Kenya’s ‘List of Shame’!

A social media debate over the last few days have put Thika in the headlines, but this time, for all the wrong reasons.

Several Thika-based Disc Jockey’s (DJ’s) have been accused of breaching the so called ‘Bro Code’, a silent but undocumented code of ethics (laws) for all service providers.

An online spat exposed some of these DJs and bar owners of soiling the names of some of their clients e.g. by alleging that these patrons saying were HIV +ve with an intent to cause a rift between the said patrons and their girlfriends. This, it is said, was geared towards taking advantage of the breakups to win the targeted girls.

It is alleged that these DJs always moonlight in clubs, preying on girls and if they spot one of their groupies starting to look cozy with another man, DJ’s instinctively run a rumour that he's HIV positive, just to scare-monger.

How do you spoil the names of people bringing you money, just because of girl? Isn't it irritating for a patron who is supporting this entrepreneur in his own establishment, only for the same character and his staff to undermine you, just because of a girl?

Considering the fact that these DJs, bar-operators etc. interact with these women frequently, they end up building cosmetic rapport and “trade” them to men who massage their ego or buy them liquor. Any other man is dismissed as broke or in the worst case scenario, “sick”.

Ironically, majority of these Djs act that way, not because they are interested in the girl in question, but they do this just to derive immense joy and pleasure from denying the affected guy from winning the girls. They are simply sadists.

Word of advice to the DJs, just concentrate on the work that brings food to your table and that is to entertain your patrons (who are your bosses) with the best and latest mixes in town..

Wale mnafanya hivyo mnajijua… Wacheni umbea na udaku usiokuwa na faida kwa yeyote.

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