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Mourners almost disrupt student’s funeral in demand for justice.

Mr. and Mrs Francis Waweru Chege pose for a family photo during the burial of slain Chuka University student on Friday at Mithanduku-ini village in Gatanga.
The burial of former Chuka University student Simon Gitii Waweru at Mithanduku-ini village Gatanga Sub-County was almost disrupted after angry mourners demanded that the area chief to explain why his murderers still walked scot-free despite some of the prime suspects being people well known to them.

The mourners started grappling soon after Kiunyu Chief Francis Kamau Mungai began narrating about the sequence of events of the deceased last moments alive on the night of Friday January 5 before his lifeless body was discovered the following morning at a plain field within his location.

All through his speech, mourners could be heard a rallying cry for justice arguing that the authorities were trying to cover up the murder since one of the prime suspects was the son to an area assistant chief.

At one time, the deceased’s father Francis Waweru Chege was forced to grab the microphone from the MC to demand the disclosure of the identity of the girl who is alleged to have caused the fight that ended Gitii’s life as well of that of the boy in question.

“You (Kiunyu Chief) have very well put it that the fight that terminated my son’s life emanated from a dispute over a girl. We want to know the identity of this girl and the other boy who fought Gitii over the girl. These people are known to you and according to us, they are the prime suspects in this case. We need them to assist us in identifying the circumstances that led to Gitii’s death,” shouted Mzee Waweru.

He also demanded an explanation as to why there seemed no evidence of any form of struggle at the spot where the deceased’s body was discovered something that made him believe that he might have been killed elsewhere and his body dumped at the scene.

Area Chief a Mr. Kabati called for patience and appealed to anyone with any information that could lead to the arrest of the perpetrators to come forth and assist the police with their investigations.

However, speaker after speaker lamented of an escalating insecurity situation in the area with some blaming it on laxity of the authorities to curb crime in the area as well as an increase in the sale of illicit brews along the valley that borders both Mugumo-ini and Kiunyu locations.

They revisited several murders that have occurred recently and were still unresolved, warning that they won’t allow Gitii’s case to be swept under the carpet just as have happened to the rest of the three incidents.

“Within the last few months, we have had about three murders in this area all of which have gone unresolved and no one has ever been arrested nor punished for their crimes. My brother’s case will not just be another statistic. We will follow up this matter even if it means up to the highest office in the land,” warned the deceased’s elder brother, John Chege Waweru 

Chege wondered how the two boys who had accompanied the deceased to Kiunyu on that fateful night were still free yet they were best placed to explain how his brother died.

“We read some cover up in all this, may be because they are related to an area assistant chief. All we demand is justice regardless of who is involved in this matter.

Gitii, who died at the tender age of 23, was a second year student at Chuka University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. 

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